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4 Interesting Steps to Slow Down Aging

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Is it possible to slow down aging? Well, aging is a natural process that all living organisms face. You could be the same age as your best friend, but your biological ages may defer due to genes, exercises, diet, and exposure to toxins. Thus your friend may look younger or older than you.

Ever thought of asking the old about the secret to living a long life? One may tell you, “avoid stressful situations.” Another may say, “eat healthy” or “keep fit.”Scientists, too, are looking for answers. 

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Can we slow down aging? Some studies suggest that you can slow down aging, not stop. Let’s watch Sadhguru’s (Jaggi Vasudev) video on steps to slow down the process.

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How to Slow Down Aging Naturally

1. Turn To Your Side And Sit Up Before Getting Out of Bed

When your body is relaxed, no activity takes place. But when you wake up fast, your body has a sudden rush of activity. And you could strain your back or any other part of your body.

2. Stay Away From Alarms

The morning sounds you wake up to can determine how your day will turn out. So, sleep early to help your body naturally wake up without an alarm. 

3. Wake Up at 3:45 Am (Brahma Muhurta)

Depending on where you live, waking before sunrise when there’s almost total peace and the air is full of oxygen can help your brain gain clarity of thought. The best way to achieve this is to sleep early and sleep a minimum of 7 hours.

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4. Smile and Wake Up With Positive Thoughts

Some people die in their sleep and never get to see the sunrise. So smiling and appreciating life can be a fantastic way to start your day. It produces endorphins (happy) hormones that help improve your mood or even release stress.

But is that all there’s to slowing down aging? Here’s what to avoid:

As an African American, you stand to benefit from the steps in the video derived from Indian culture. Incorporate them into your morning routine. You and your black family could experience improved quality of life and live longer. And while at it, reduce your aging speed.

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