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11 Incredible Black News Sites To Keep Up With


It is crucial to seek out diverse and inclusive news sources that provide a comprehensive understanding of the world. 

To ensure a well-rounded perspective, it’s important to get news from news sites that amplify Black voices, celebrate Black culture, and shed light on the experiences and achievements of Black communities. 

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1. Spotcovery

Spotcovery is a leading Black news site that writes to inspire and empower the Black community worldwide, including African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, and Africans. The site addresses issues facing the Black community and creates content for every aspect of their lives, from entertainment and culture to finance and racial inequality.

Whether you want to know how to get a high-paying job as an African American, explore the top tourist destinations in Africa, or learn how to make one of the most popular dishes in Senegal, Spotcovery is the site to visit.

2. Rolling Out

Rolling Out, a digital media platform, covers news, entertainment, and lifestyle topics relevant to urban communities. While not exclusively focused on the Black community, Rolling Out provides a platform for Black voices, highlighting Black entrepreneurs, artists, and cultural trends.

3. The Root

The Root, a widely recognized online platform, provides news, commentary, and analysis from a Black perspective. Covering politics, culture, entertainment, and social issues, The Root’s diverse writers and journalists offer insightful perspectives on current events and issues impacting the Black community. 

4. The Washington Informer

The Washington Informer is an esteemed Black-owned newspaper based in Washington, D.C. It has served the community since 1964, offering comprehensive coverage of local news, politics, culture, and events. The publication is dedicated to informing and engaging its readership, particularly within the African American community.

5. Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds is an online community and platform dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the voices of Black women in nerd and geek culture. It covers various topics, including film, television, gaming, comics, and technology.

Black Girl Nerds offers a unique perspective by highlighting the intersection of race, gender, and fandom. It features articles, reviews, interviews, and podcasts that allow Black women to engage in conversations about their passions and interests.

6. Blavity

Blavity is a digital media company that aims to amplify the voices and perspectives of Black millennials. Within the Blavity network, Shadow and Act focuses specifically on Black entertainment, providing news, features, and interviews about film, television, and the entertainment industry from a Black perspective.

7. Black Voice News

This prominent online news source delivers news and information specifically tailored to the Black community. Based in California, it provides coverage of local, national, and international news, with an emphasis on social justice, politics, and community empowerment.

8. Essence

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Essence is a renowned platform that celebrates Black women and their experiences. Founded in 1970, it covers a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and current affairs.

It provides a powerful platform for Black women’s voices, highlights their achievements, and addresses important issues affecting the Black community.

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NBCBLK is a digital platform launched by NBC News that focuses on news, stories, and perspectives related to the Black community. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, entertainment, and social issues.

NBCBLK features articles, interviews, opinion pieces, and video content that highlight the achievements, challenges, and experiences of Black individuals and communities. It aims to provide a platform for diverse voices and foster meaningful conversations.

10. Ebony

This iconic African American lifestyle magazine has been in publication for over 75 years and covers a wide range of topics, including culture, fashion, entertainment, and current events. Ebony has been a prominent platform for celebrating Black excellence and showcasing the achievements and contributions of Black individuals in various fields.

While the distribution of the print edition of Ebony ended in 2019, its digital platform continues to provide engaging content, interviews, and features that reflect the diverse experiences of the Black community.

11. Atlanta Black Star

The Atlanta Black Star is an online publication that focuses on news, culture, and issues affecting the African diaspora, with a particular emphasis on the African American community. It provides in-depth coverage of social justice issues, politics, entertainment, and business.

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The publication features articles, opinion pieces, and videos that aim to inform and engage readers with stories and perspectives that are often underrepresented in mainstream media. It seeks to promote awareness and foster dialogue around topics relevant to the Black community.

Spotcovery offers unique and fresh daily content on Black culture, lifestyle, and experiences. We talk about everything black, black people, black-owned and black-owned businesses. We also deliver authentic and relevant content that will inform, inspire and empower you! The future of black media is a critical piece of the black experience of today! Our primary audience includes African American, African, Afro-Caribbean and people of African heritage. Black culture is for the culture!

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