12 Fantastic Black Family Photo Shoot Ideas for All Seasons

There are numerous black family photo shoot ideas you can choose from, whether you want family photos with your kids, patterns, grandparents, or grandchildren.

Black Gods and Goddesses: 6 Mythological Figures of the African Cultures

The people of Africa have always believed in spirits and were spiritual even before European colonization. They believed and worshiped a Supreme being who...

What it Feels Like to be an African Immigrant in America

African immigrants share a lot of similarities with black Americans in terms of their lived experiences. They experience racial prejudice and discrimination, among other things, due to the color of their skin.

Abeokuta: The City with a Name in 4 African Countries

When you think of a city, you often associate it with a single location on the world map. You Imagine it to be a...

How Were Slaves Captured in Africa? 4 Horrifying Ways

The effects of slavery still affect the world today. The practice was abolished in 1865 in the United States after the passing of the...


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