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How to Prevent Cancer if It Runs in the Family (7 Simple Tips!)

The thought of having cancer can be dreadful, especially if it runs in your family. You literally live each day with the fear of...

 Here’s How To Support a Friend With Cancer

Studies show cancer survivors who receive strong emotional support adjust better to the changes cancer brings, have a more positive outlook, and experience a higher quality of life as a result. In the upsurge, friendships can be helpful to people with cancer, according to research.

Christmas Weight Gain: 5 Healthy Ways to Lose The Holiday Weight

The holiday cheer may have come and gone, leaving behind the few extra pounds you've gained during the festive season –the holiday weight. But...

Sleep-Deprived: Get Better Sleep With These 9 Tips

It is normal for people to feel tired during the day, but it becomes a problem if they can't get a good night's sleep. Lack...

Black Health Disparities Run Deep – Here Are Some Statistics

The Black community has suffered many disparities over the years, with the negative impact still being felt. And based on statistics from previous and...


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