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National Freedom Day: Why You Should Celebrate as an African American

In America's history, there are celebrations that stand as a reminder of the nation's journey toward freedom. One such celebration is the National Freedom...

National Chocolate Cake Day Recipes to Add to Your List

National Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated to acknowledge all kinds of cakes, especially chocolate cake varieties. What better way to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day than with these mouth-watering cake recipes?

Dark Chocolate Day: 7 Amazing Recipes to Give You Culinary Joy

February 1 is Dark Chocolate Day and you have an excuse to indulge. Despite the bad rap that chocolates get, it has a lot...

World Day of War Orphans: How You Can Advocate for Children’s Rights

If you have never experienced war, or if it has never affected you or people you know, then World Day of War Orphans could be new to you. But it doesn't have to be.

Why Celebrate World Introvert Day?Know Your Personality

The world introvert day is celebrated on the 2nd of January every year. Perhaps the day helps people recharge after the New Year celebrations....


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