Can AI be Used for Content Marketing? A look at the Impact

When speed, time, and accuracy are taken into account, AI can be a powerful tool for content marketing. In other words, AI can act as an extension of the skills you already have as a content writer.

10 Tech Gifts Your Tech-Savvy Valentine Is Sure to Love

Valentine's day is quickly approaching, and for your tech-savvy val, it may seem like just another day lost in code and MVPs. However, with...

A History of Black Video Game Characters

Throughout video game history, Black characters have made their mark as iconic and influential figures. Some of the most notable Black video game characters...

What It’s Really Like Being Black in Tech

When you think of the world of technology, you probably don't immediately think of black people. After all, how many blacks are working in...

Shudu Gram, World’s First AI Supermodel Is A Black Woman 

Due to the current influx of AI-generated versions of real-life photos through applications such as Lensa AI. it is even more difficult to distinguish...


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