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Recipe: How to Make Mauritius Haleem in 25 Steps

Mauritius haleem is a unique uplifting soup of meat and lentils, slow-cooked with ginger, garlic, and haleem spices, and garnished with herbs and fried onions. A delicious and uplifting soup, the dish is mostly served in the holy month of Ramadan during Iftar.

Recipe: The Authentic Le Me Tsolola Recipe of Comoros

Le Me Tsolola or M’tsolola is a simple stew of fish and meat cooked in coconut milk. It’s one of the Comoros Islands' most traditional dishes.

Recipe: Shahan Ful–Eritrean Full Energy Breakfast

Shahan ful is an Eritrean breakfast you’ll love when visiting the country. The special dish is prepared by cooking fava beans on low heat until they are soft. You can then mash the cooked beans into a puree and combine them with diced onions, spices, chili peppers, lemon juice, and tomatoes.

Recipe: How to Make Lesotho’s Braai

Braai is a mouthwatering barbequing technique using aromatic wood to roast meat. The recipe can be traced to the Dutch word braden,– meaning to roast or barbecue. Braai, the Afrikaans word from South Africa, has replaced the original word.

Recipe: Samp– Eswatini’s Delicious Breakfast

Samp is an interesting breakfast you can prepare with coarsely ground, skinless maize kernels. It’s a popular dish in Africa, with different cooking and serving varieties.


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