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How to Play Fantasy Premier League: Your Ultimate Guide


If you’re a football fan, you probably watch the game while questioning the decisions of the manager. It’s easy to see the gaps when you’ve all the time to review a call. However, managers only have split-seconds to decide what to do. 

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is your chance to prove your squad management skills by building a virtual team. You get points depending on the performance of a real player. If you’re just getting started, we’ll tell you how to play Fantasy Premier League.

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How to Play Fantasy Premier League: Getting Started

How to play the FPL. Video Credit: FPL Focal

You’ll need to sign in or join the Fantasy Premier League if you haven’t. Once you log in, you’ll have a blank field with players positioned differently. You can only have 15 players:

Your squad budget is £100 million or $126 million. This means that in some areas, you’ll pick the cheapest but best option to save on the expensive buys. 

It’s also important for you to make the best possible selections when registering your team for the first time as it becomes difficult to make multiple changes during the season.

You can have a maximum of three players from the same team. Afterwards, you’ll either have to remove one and make room for the other or pick a player from another team. 

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Game Week

One of the things you have to know about how to play Fantasy Premier League is that every week, normally referred to as ‘Game Week’, you’ll have a deadline. This means that you can make changes to your squad up to a certain time, after which, you’ll not be able to do so. 

This can impact the number of points you earn especially if some of the players in your team are injured or didn’t start the game. As such, before the deadline, you must check whether you have players who’ve been ruled out with long-term injuries and remove them. 

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What to Remember

For you to keep up with the FPL, you have to make sure your team is updated weekly. These are the things you should always look out for.

  • Check for players with lengthy suspensions
  • If the transfer window is still open, make sure you don’t have a player who left the Premier League in your team. 
  • You can retain a player with a minor knock or serve a one-game suspension, especially if they get a lot of points. All you need to do is transfer them to the bench for the next game week. 
  • A player with a yellow or red marker on them is injured, suspended or might not be available. 
  • You only have one free transfer weekly. Any other moves in and out will lead to a points deduction.
  •  The formation you use depends on the players you choose. 
  • Select an effective captain and vice-captain. Usually, your captain will be one of the best and most expensive players. For example, you can have Erling Halaand because he tends to score goals, has a high chance of starting a game and plays well. 
  • Vice-Captain is important as he can be used when your selected captain doesn’t start the match. He can equally be a high-profile player.

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Scoring Points in FPL

Understanding the points system is key. Every position attracts different points. These points come from actual games played in the English Premier League. You don’t have to watch the games as everything will be tabulated but if you want to know how your players are performing, you can check. 

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Your players earn points in the following ways:

  • For playing 0-59 mins: 1
  • For playing at least 60 mins: 2
  • Yellow card: -1
  • Red card: -3
  • Own goal: -2
  • Assist: 3
  • Penalty miss: -2
  • Bonus points: 1 or 2 or 3

Every player, depending on their position earns different points. Goalkeepers and defenders get six points when their team scores, midfielders five and attackers four. 

When a team keeps a clean sheet, goalkeepers and defenders get four points, midfielders one and attackers don’t get any. For every two goals conceded, goalkeepers and defenders lose a point

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Goalkeepers make saves for different situations and thus, FPL awards them four points when they don’t let in goals, five when a penalty is saved and a point for every 3 shots blocked.

From the points breakdown above, you should know that attackers get the most points when they score, midfielders from assists and goalkeepers and defenders from clean sheets. Sometimes, players get bonus points when they’re the highest scoring or when the defenders have played well.

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Wildcard and Chips

Wildcards and chips help you to score more points. However, you should only use them when necessary otherwise, they’ll go to waste. You have:

  • Bench boost
  • Free hit
  • Triple captain

Bench boost will accumulate all the points your benched players get. Use it only when you have favourable games.

A free hit allows you to change your entire team in one round after which it’ll resort to default settings after that round. It’s available only once.

A triple captain will result in your captain getting triple points instead of double points.

You can make unlimited changes to your squad using the wildcard which is available during the autumn and spring. Use it after a couple of game weeks when you’ve had time to assess your squad and how the league is panning out. 

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Joining Leagues

If you want to compete with your friends, the Fantasy Premier League allows you to join other leagues. You can also create your league and invite other people to play. 

We hope that this article has clearly shown you how to play Fantasy Premier League. It needs dedication. From studying match reports, players’ statistics, and players in form, and making the correct changes. If you don’t have time to do all this, you can be a casual player but if you want to be an expert, you’ll need to create time for everything. 

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