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How to Get a Raise at Work Without Asking in 6 Strategies 


No matter what kind of job you have, almost everyone wants to get a raise from time to time. It doesn’t matter how big your starting salary is, after you’ve put in the work and contributed a lot to the growth of the company, it’s normal to expect an increase in your salary. Naturally, you’ll want a raise without asking. Here’s how to get a raise at work without asking.

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Become an Expert

How to become an expert in your field. Video Credit: @BenShapiro

One sure way to get more pay is to become an expert in your field. When you upskill and acquire skills that are relevant to your job, your employer will entrust more responsibilities into your hands. An increase in responsibilities will naturally attract a raise in pay. 

You shouldn’t make the mistake of remaining at the same skill level every year. Smart employees go out of their way to upskill and acquire new certifications. It’s one of the best ways to get a raise at work without asking.

Bring in New Businesses 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in sales and marketing, if the brand is unable to bring in New businesses, they’re not going to be able to give you a raise. 

Currently, bringing businesses isn’t restricted to those in the sales and marketing department. As an employee in the organization, it’s expected that you promote and sell the company you work for to potential clients.

You can be an engineering lead and still talk to people about your company’s products or services. The more businesses you bring, the more you position yourself for promotions. 

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Become Indispensable 

How To Become Indispensable At Work. Video Credit: @renegodefroy

While some employees struggle to receive better pay, others get offered a mouth-watery salary raise and other incentives to prevent them from leaving the company. The difference between those who get a raise and the ones who don’t is the value they bring to the company. 

Bringing more value to the business increases your chances of getting a raise even without asking for it because they don’t want to lose you to their competition. But they won’t bother if you bring little or no value to the business. They can get another person to fill your space without struggle. 

So, it simply means that there’s no better way to indirectly ask your employer for a pay raise than to bring more value to the company by being the best at what you do. Check out these books on Amazon if you would love to learn how to become Indispensable at work. 

Capture the Attention of Top Management 

How to Get a Raise at Work Without Asking in 6 Strategies 
Cheerful-african-american-manager-reading-documents-in-folder. Image Source: Pexels. Licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want to be successful in your career and get a promotion, or even a raise, then do everything within your ability to get the attention of upper management. You can do this by discharging your duties in a manner that usually puts your name out. 

Your chances of getting a promotion and raise increases when those in the upper management consistently hear about your performance and good job ethics. Taking on extra projects or responsibilities is another way to get the attention of the top management. Also, get one or two of these books on Amazon to learn more. 

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Volunteer to Do The Tasks That No One Wants to Do 

Sometimes some tasks need urgent attention but no one wants to take them up. As someone who wants to get a raise without asking, volunteer to take up the task. This shows that you’re a team player and that you want the best for the organization. 

It also speaks about your commitment and dedication to your job. Taking on extra tasks that no one wants to take on can greatly impress your employer and increase your chances of getting a promotion and raise. 

Come Up With Innovative Ideas

How to get out of the box and generate ideas. Video Credit: @TEDx

Great initiatives help businesses remain relevant and stand out in today’s competitive market. If you consistently come up with creative ways and innovative ideas for improving your employer’s products or services, you’ll be regarded as a valuable asset who deserves better pay. 

Generally, your employer will pay you what they feel you’re worth. So, the rule of thumb is to give more value before thinking about a raise or promotion. If you’re wondering how to get a raise at work without asking, just follow the six strategies shared here. You can also check these books on Amazon for more tips. 

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