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8 Fantasy Premier League Tips to Pick Players With Best Stats

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How good are you at the Fantasy Premier League? The FPL is a simple yet tricky game. If you’re struggling to make decisions that help you score points, you’ve come to the right place. We have Fantasy Premier League tips that will help you to better your performance. They are simple and easy to follow, so if you want to be one of the best managers, check out our tips.

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Check the Value of Your Squad

spotcovery-Two teams playing against one another-Fantasy Premier League tips
Two teams playing against one another. Source: Photo by Mitch Rosen on Unsplash

Player prices change throughout the season, so be cognizant of this because it dictates the players you can buy. Also, if you pay attention to players who’ve been on a good streak, you can buy them before their prices shoot and save money. 

That said, be very careful when making such changes, as price increases or decreases shouldn’t be the main reason why you change your squad.

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Don’t Ignore Any Team

The FPL isn’t about the team you support. It’s about making the most points. This means picking players that generate the most value regardless of the team they play for. As such, don’t neglect a Liverpool player because you support Manchester United. Toss your allegiance for a minute and you’ll be the happiest FPL manager.

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Follow Football News

spotcovery-A football fan watching a game-Fantasy Premier League tips
A football fan watching a game. Source: Photo by Gustavo Ferreira on Unsplash

This is one of the must-do Fantasy Premier League tips. Remember, the status of a player affects your team selection. If a player is injured, suspended or in bad form, you need to replace them. 

The only way to know about this is by watching, listening, or reading football updates. You can do this in multiple ways – find a podcast to listen to regularly, tune into the press conferences, follow teams on social media and watch the games. 

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Pick Players With the Most Points

A guide to playing FPL. Video Credit: FPL TV

The Fantasy Premier League is all about points, so don’t worry about having a real center defender in the position. Simply go for the defender who’ll give you the most points. Think about a player who provides assists and scores and is influential in defence. He’ll only increase your chances of earning more points.

Pay Attention to Fixtures

This is one of the Fantasy Premier League tips you should practise. Knowing the opposition that your players will face is important in organizing your team. 

The last thing you want to do is play catch-up, which means that changing your team after every fixture is also not advisable. Assess upcoming matches and pick players who are likely to play in them. This way, you’ll only make changes when necessary.

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Stay True to Proven Players

We still have more Fantasy Premier League tips to share. Always remember that a player’s form will drop and rise throughout the season. Some of your priciest picks will have a bad run, missing chances and missing out on vital points. 

When this happens, it’s easy to do an immediate swap. However, give them time, especially if it’s a player with a proven track record. Sometimes the poor form is more about the team than it is about the individual player, so be patient.

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Stats Tell the True Story

One of the most obvious Fantasy Premier League tips is to select players doing well. True as that may be, you also need to back this up. Some players perform well in two games in a row but when you examine their track record, they aren’t good in the long haul. 

Don’t get carried away with a player because they scored a lot of points in the current game week. Inspect their numbers.

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Time Your Transfers

Some players in your team are in action in mid-week competitions. As such, it’s best to make changes when managers have confirmed their absence or presence to avoid shipping out a player who’ll be in action over the weekend. 

It can be a tough balancing act and you might leave a player in too long. If you’re certain they won’t play, then transfer them out. Otherwise, hold.

If you use these Fantasy Premier League tips, you’ll be in safe hands. You’ll dominate your league and your friends will be coming to you for advice. FPL is a fun and interesting game, so choosing a good team should be the least of your worries. Do you play the Fantasy Premier League? Which of these tips do you use?

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