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Black English Premier League Players With White Wives


67% of black English footballers either date or marry white women, according to a study done on three England FIFA World Cup squads of 2010, 2014 and 2018. This is a high number considering the fact that 39% of the team is black, and the rest is white. 

Some of the reasons attributed to this include:

  • The perception that white women elevate the status of black men. This makes them acceptable within their circles and in other higher social circles. Plus, it gives them opportunities.
  • When black footballers become successful, their social circles change. They frequent places largely inhabited by white women and hence marry or date them.
  • The media portrays white women as a symbol of beauty; thus, everyone should aspire to it. As such, some of these footballers who come from poorer backgrounds and rarely interacted with white women can now reach out for what was once unattainable.

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This pattern is also true about the game. In the English Premier League, there are a number of black players who’re dating or are married to white women. In this post, we’ll tell you about six current Premier League players who are dating or married to white women.

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Joel Matip 

The Liverpool defender is one of the English Premier League players with a white wife. His wife is Larissa Stollenwerk. She was born in Germany. The two met when Matip played in Germany at Schalke 04

According to Soccer Souls, the defender has a crush on her and didn’t waste any time. They finally tied the knot in 2020 in Mallorca, Spain. In 2021, Matip and his wife welcomed their first child. 

Virgil Van Dijk 

Van Dijk’s wife is his childhood sweetheart. They both grew up in Breda, Netherlands. Over the years, their relationship evolved and became a romantic one. Meanwhile, Van Dijk pursued his football career, and Nooitgedagt supported him while building her career. The couple got married in 2013.

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Trent-Alexander Arnold 

The English defender is in a relationship with Hannah Atkins. The duo has managed to keep their relationship private, so little is known about Hannah. Trent hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend yet, which means they aren’t married. 

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Moses Caicedo

The new Chelsea player is not married but is dating Paolita Salazaar. The two are childhood sweethearts and have supported each other’s endeavours. They have been in a relationship now for five years. Paolita Salazaar is a model and won the National Reign of the Carnival of the Americas in February 2022.   

Callum Wilson 

The Newcastle United player is married to Stacey Wilson. The relationship between the two dates back to their teenage years. Some sources state that they got married when they were teenagers. The two have children, a son named Oritse and a daughter named Orlagh.

Reece James 

Chelsea player is dating model Mia McClenaghan. The two are said to have started dating in 2020. That said, not much is known about their relationship as they don’t share much on social media. Mia is a law student. 

Why do you think many black professional footballers gravitate towards white women? Will this ever change? If you want to understand more about interracial relationships, check out these books on Amazon.

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