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10 Black Podcasts You Must Listen to in 2023

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Black podcasts on Spotify are some of the most popular on the platform. In recent years, podcasts have become almost as ubiquitous as radio shows. There has been a fundamental change in how we get information, listen to music, engage in storytelling, read the latest novel or memoir, or even follow trending topics on social media through podcasts. 

Black podcasts are an incredible platform for educating yourself, getting a mix of entertainment and humor and more. Black creatives produce numerous shows, making it hard to choose a few. Here are the top 10 black podcasts on Spotify for black listeners.

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10 Top Black Podcasts on Spotify You Must Listen To

Black History Year

The Handoff: Meet the New Face of Black History Year! Video Credit: PushBlack

Black culture has a long history, yet it is one-sided. Black History Year exposes you to history through intellectuals and activists using the best resources. The program presents knowledge of black history from professionals and suggestions for how we might grow as a race.

Although you might not agree with all they say, the group always strives to achieve the same thing: bringing black people everywhere together. PushBlack, the country’s largest non-profit black media organization, produces Black History Year.

Therapy for Black Girls

An episode of Therapy for Black Girls. Video Credit: Therapy for Black Girls

For underrepresented groups, such as black women, the current state of the globe might be overwhelming. You may learn how to manage your mental health and more with the help of the Therapy for Black Girls podcast.

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a once-a-week discussion about everything related to mental health, personal growth, and all the little choices we can make to become the greatest versions of ourselves.

Join your host, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a registered psychologist, as she discusses how to improve your mental health in real-world terms, reveals what goes on in therapy sessions, and responds to listener concerns.

If you haven’t already, this is the best podcast to subscribe to.

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85 South

The 85 South Podcast. Video Credit: The 85 South Comedy Show

You’ll laugh hard and spit out the fluids throughout this Black-hosted podcast. The 85 South episode, hosted by comedians and former Wild ‘N Out contestants Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly, and Chico Bean, are designed for a lighthearted discussion of important topics. The discussions are southern-fried kickback sessions that usually veer in the direction the air leads them.

The jokes — from ones about guys being absentee fathers to ones about what a black Super Mario may look like — come at such a torrential rate that the guests are forced to join in the laughter and utter one-liners they may have never uttered.

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Truth’s Table

The Truth’s Table podcast. Video Credit: Truth’s Table

Joining Michelle Higgins on the Truth’s Table podcast are Christina Edmondson and Ekemini Uwan. These are black Christian ladies who love the truth and follow it wherever it goes. Their Christian beliefs shape their views on race, politics, gender, current affairs, and popular culture. Make a date! 

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint

The Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast provides assistance and motivation to black entrepreneurs for starting, expanding, and developing successful businesses.

It was created by black entrepreneurs for black entrepreneurs and features in-depth interviews with successful black entrepreneurs. The discussions focus on the entrepreneurs’ mistakes as well as their accomplishments, as well as the lessons they have learnt from both.

You want to mark the Black Entrepreneur Blueprint in your calendar if you’re a business owner or an aspirant black entrepreneur.

Black Woman Leading

Taking a holistic approach to three key topics-leadership development, mental wellness and relationship management, this podcast highlights the challenges and experiences of Black women in the workplace. The podcast’s ultimate goal is to support black women as they learn, grow, and develop as leaders. 

Sufficiently Black

Sufficiently Black podcast episode. Video Credit: Sufficiently Black

This podcast explores what it means to live in a society that is preoccupied with stereotypes while comfortable with your blackness. It was once known as the So-Called Oreos.

Three women, Kia, Amari, and Janae, host the show. As they make their journey through adulthood, they delve deeply into Black womanhood, identity, and culture via a critical lens.

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Cite Black Women Podcast

The biweekly Cite Black Women podcast has just one message: Cite Black Women. This podcast includes discussions and observations on the politics and practice of citing Black women’s ideas and intellectual achievements both inside and outside the academia.

Black Authors Audiobooks Podcast

The history, ethics, and power of black people are all topics covered in this episode. Using the Black Authors Audiobooks Podcast, you can download audiobooks and lectures by the best black authors. Stories about real life are told by all writers, not just those who write fiction. This podcast is the one for you if you’re looking for actual black history events.

Black Cowboys

Black Authors Audiobooks Podcast
Source: Black Cowboys

The father of Zaron Burnett didn’t want his son to associate black Americans with slavery. He, therefore, shares amazing real-life tales about black cowboys for Zaron to dream about every night. One in four cowboys was black, in contrast to what Hollywood had us believe.

The history of America and the black community is larger, braver, and more truthful because of their stories. This is a bonus recommendation for you for reading up to this point.

Okay, Now Listen!

Okay, Now Listen! Podcast. Video Credit: Still Watching Netflix

Media personality Scottie Beam and culture journalist Sylvia Obell’s co-hosting of the podcast Okay, Now Listen is a soothing representation of the variety of experiences black women go through.

In addition to dissecting police brutality, racist microaggressions, and women staging orgasms to feed men’s egos, Obell and Beam are also smitten with everything Beyoncé.

Even if nothing else, Okay, Now Listen constantly challenges any stereotypes about Black women that claim they can’t enjoy a Hot Girl Summer while also bringing down the patriarchy over brunch and mimosas.

These incredible top black podcasts on Spotify are educational, unique, conversational and relatable to everything black. Do you have a favorite among these? Share via comments.

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