Black History Month Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Listening to These 7 Black Podcasts


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Black podcasts have varying perspectives, conversations, and entertainment you can listen to and stay informed. This list of black podcasts focuses on black history, highlighting topics from history to pop culture, politics, tech, comedians, and movies. 

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7 Black Podcasts on Black History You Should Listen to

I AM STORY Podcast

Video source: AFSCME–YouTube

I AM STORY tells the incredible story of the people who demanded their humanity and changed the course of American history. 

Produced by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the I AM STORY black podcast explores the legacy of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike. 

Two sanitation workers were crushed to death in the back of their truck while sheltering from the rain, leading to this revolutionary labor movement. Together with the Civil Rights Movement, the strikers fought for equal rights.

The podcast, among others, chronicles the support of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for safe conditions, fair pay, and eradication of slavery from the workplace. In the course of the movement, the stickers’ declaration of  “I AM A MAN” captured the nation.

Today, sanitation workers continue to fight against similar forces. The I AM STORY  podcast shares both past and present struggles of the movement, and is hosted by Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME.

It’s one of the black podcasts, using real footage of labor, civil rights, religious leaders, and interviews with guests like Rev. James Lawson, AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus Bill Lucy, historian Michael Honey, and more.

Named a “best podcast pick” by The Guardian, the chart-topping and multiple Signal Award-winning podcast, celebrating Black History Month is incomplete without making time to listen to I AM STORY on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

3BlackGeeks Podcast

Video source: 3BlackGeeks–YouTube

This is one of the favorite black podcasts representing all black nerds everywhere! The trio reviews the best black movies, action, martial arts, anime or manga, comics, and black culture.

The 3BlackGeeks Podcast speaks on various perspectives, which you can listen to in the episode. Think about the: 

  • classics of Micheal Jackson
  • the history of black cowboys
  • The Resilience of the Three Figures of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • the Sacrifice of Malcolm X
  • and the introduction of black anime characters like Akira and Darui.

Make time to listen to the 3BlackGeeks Podcast this Black History Month. 

Our Body Politic

Video source: Our Body Politic–YouTube

Farai Chideya, an award-winning journalist, hosts Our Body Politic. This weekly podcast explores the experiences of black women in politics. It chronicles political events and how they impact black women.

Historical women like Shirley Chisholm, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks influenced policies that continue to impact not just black women but everyone in the United States of America.

Today, black women, like those on the list below, continue to influence politics positively. 

Make time to listen to Our Body Politic on all things black women in politics.

Black Diplomats

Video source: Black Diplomats–YouTube

Incredible black diplomats are doing revolutionary work around the globe. These black podcasts are dedicated to storytelling and championing conversations on international politics. 

Black diplomats help us understand how international politics affects everyone, regardless of color, affiliation, or status. They shed light on black diplomats representing everyone, including

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You can listen to old and new episodes dedicated to black listeners and everyone who cares to listen.

Black Wealth Renaissance

Video source: Black Wealth Renaissance–YouTube

The Black Wealth Renaissance podcast has one goal–to normalise black wealth. The black podcast shares useful resources and strategies for building and maintaining wealth in the black community. 

The hosts invite successful black investors to share their experiences and empower you in the journey of business, entrepreneurship, and investment. 

Black Tech Unplugged

Video source: Black Tech Unplugged–YouTube

Black Tech Unplugged is among the black podcasts sharing the successful stories of black people in tech. Deena McKay doesn’t just focus on the successes but also the failures and resilience of black people in tech.

You’ll also access the resources and skills you need to pursue a successful career in tech.  

Every episode aims to empower, encourage, and inspire black people who work or aspire to be in tech.

Revision Path

Video source: Revision Path–YouTube

Revision Path tells the stories of black creatives, web designers, and digital creatives through their lenses. Each week, the host, Maurice Cherry, interviews them about their work and their inspirations. 

The black podcast was voted ‘Most Inspiring Design Podcast’ in the 2015 Creative Market Awards!

Importance of Black Podcasts 

Offer Representation in Media

While there are many black people in the media, not all of them own the platforms. Podcasts present the opportunity to own your voice and represent black people anywhere. 

Black podcasts talk about issues affecting black people. Thus, they represent originality, relatable stories, and honest conversations from the perspective of black people. 

Empower Black Voices

Black podcasts give black people the freedom to express themselves the best way they can, which uplifts, inspires, informs, and educates in a narrative you can relate to.

Anyone, anywhere, with a meaningful message could hold a podcast to discuss diverse issues.

Discuss Deeper Truth

People are looking to listen to deeper conversations of interest, not just the surface. Podcasts dedicated to such topics offer insights, credible sources, and solutions to queries you may have.

Add Credibility

Numerous people have perspectives on black history, with some distorting the truth. Black Americans telling their stories through podcasts, in addition to other popular culture and black voices, are more credible, authentic, and bare.

Building the Black Community

Black podcasts bring the black community together for the common good. It unites and helps black people from anywhere to connect, listen, learn from other black cultures, and share support.

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As you celebrate Black History Month, listen to these black podcasts shedding light on black America, black culture, and all things that impact black people. These podcasts are available online in audio formats, such as Spotify, and video formats, such as YouTube.

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