Sedi Djentuh

Hey, Sedi here, a content writer. She's fascinated by the interplay between people, lifestyle, relationships, tech and communication dedicated to empowering and spreading positive messages about humanity. She's an avid reader and a student of personal weekly workouts. When she's not writing, Sedi is busy advocating for plastic-free earth with her local NGO.

Exclusive articles:

Peanut Nutrition Facts: 6 Surprising Facts You Need to Know

While there are several peanut nutrition facts, health experts say eating a wide variety of peanuts promotes weight loss. A legume, such as peanuts, beans, or lentils, is rich in nutrients and has a positive effect on heart health.

Recipe: 12 Noodle Recipes For Dinner 

When you hear about simple noodle recipes for dinner, I bet your mind goes to Asian dishes and probably Italian cuisine too. It’s no surprise noodles are often associated with Asia and Italy as this continent and this country consumes a lot of noodles.

10 Black Female UX Designers You Should Follow

There are many black female UX designers across the world, but compared to other industries, their percentage is small. UX/UI design, like so many other disciplines, has a lower representation of women as compared to men.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Apartment 

You can transform your home into a sanctuary with these spring cleaning tips. Alternatively, you may find that your home is a constant source of irritation without regular cleaning. Which one do you prefer?

How Many Black Fashion Designers are in the NYFW 2023?

New York Fashion Week 2023, saw an influx of more than 28 black fashion designers and brands, aiding the industry’s much-needed lack of diversity.


Ramadan: Health Benefits and Challenges for African Americans

Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar,...

Recipe: Shaiyah (Sudanese Pan Fried Meat) & Salata Tomatim Bel Daqua

When it comes to Shaiyah, there's nothing quite like...

International Women’s Day 2023: 10 Black Female Doctors to Celebrate

Happy International Women's Day! On this day, we honor...

Why Is Earth Hour Important?- 5 Facts You Should Know

Earth Hour has been described as the "lights out” moment since 2007, a symbolic moment to show collective support for the planet. It's an annual event that celebrates the planet, raises awareness about environmental issues, and encourages us to take actions that protect the earth.