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Hey, Sedi here, a content writer. She's fascinated by the interplay between people, lifestyle, relationships, tech and communication dedicated to empowering and spreading positive messages about humanity. She's an avid reader and a student of personal weekly workouts. When she's not writing, Sedi is busy advocating for plastic-free earth with her local NGO.

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International African American Museum: The Rich African History

If you love the narrative of the African American story in history books, you’ll appreciate more the work of the International African American Museum. Located at 14 Wharfside Street Charleston, this museum is North America's largest trans-Atlantic slave trade port.

12 Fantastic Black Family Photo Shoot Ideas for All Seasons

There are numerous black family photo shoot ideas you can choose from, whether you want family photos with your kids, patterns, grandparents, or grandchildren.

12 Popular Black Anime Women Characters You Should Know

Black anime women in popular Japanese films and TV shows introduce children to the importance of acknowledging diversity and addressing issues of race, minority groups, and gender.

Recipe: The Best Guide to Cooking Mauritanian Harira

Harira is a soup originally from Morocco prepared with vegetables, pulses, meat, and sometimes, garnished with lemon. The soup is traditionally sipped during Iftar, the post-sunset fast, or during the holy month of Ramadan.

11 Unique Things to Do in Jamaica

As the third-largest island in the Caribbean, there are unique things to do in Jamaica. The island has stunning landscapes and reggae music, some of which you’ve probably heard.


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This year’s Halloween falls on Tuesday, October 31, a tradition where people wear various costumes believed to ward off negative energy or ghosts.

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