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How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally


Learning how to lower blood pressure naturally is one of the most helpful tips you can learn. This is because blood pressure is not only one of the considerable vital values in medicine but also a key risk factor for many serious diseases. 

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As a major health indicator, high blood pressure, or hypertension, is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke. You can lower your blood pressure naturally through positive lifestyle changes other than medication. 

Here are 7 steps to lower your blood pressure naturally at home: These tips are shared by Dr Frita McRae Fisher, a medical expert. 

Frita McRae Fisher is a triple-board certified M.D. and motivational medical speaker advocating healthcare excellence for all. Her YouTube channel focuses on trending medical, health, wellness, and lifestyle topics to educate and help you get the most out of life. 

While these tips are credible, it’s advisable to consult your doctor beforehand. 

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Video: How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Text: How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

For those of you who prefer to read, here’s a summary of how to lower blood pressure naturally, shared by Dr Frita.

  1. Practice Slow Deep Breathing

Taking slow, deep breaths causes your heart rate to slow down. Slow breathing also compels the blood arteries to dilate, which causes your blood pressure to decrease. To do slow, deep breaths, breathe in slowly for 4 seconds, hold your breath for about 4 seconds, and then exhale slowly and repeat for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will help you develop a healthy lifestyle, reduce any risk of heart disease, and slowly stop hypertension.

  1. Lower Your Salt Intake

The best way to do this is by watching how much sodium or salt you use in your cooking. You can also read labels on canned food or packaged goods to ascertain the amount of sodium before you buy them. 

Remember, the daily recommended intake of salt per person is 2400 milligrams or less. And if you’re African American with a history of hypertension, diabetes, or kidney disease and older than 50 years, you should reduce your daily sodium intake to 1500 mg or less. 

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  1. Reduce Your intake of Ketchup

One tablespoon of ketchup contains 160 milligrams of sodium. So imagine the harm you’re doing to yourself if you consume about 5 tablespoons of ketchup for just one meal! You will also want to check for sodium on the labels of other foods or packaged foods you have at home. 

For example, packaged food like smoked deli turkey contains a lot of sodium. If you serve yourself a sandwich with 2 ounces of smoked deli turkey, that’s one serving—you’ve consumed about 500 milligrams of sodium, a third of your daily recommended intake.

Consequently, to lower your blood pressure naturally at home, you must have a low-salt diet.

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  1. Eat Food that Helps to Promote Low Blood Pressure

Potassium can reduce your blood pressure if you take about 4.7 grams of potassium a day—the recommended daily intake. Remember, you need to consult your doctor to be sure of what you need. If you have kidney disease or high potassium levels, you don’t need much of a potassium diet.

There are some foods rich in potassium you can consume to help you reach your daily recommended intake. For example, bananas and strawberries are naturally rich in potassium. Prevention is key in any disease control measures. Read food labels well to ensure you consume food elements that help to lower blood pressure.

Green leaves and most vegetables like spinach help lower your blood pressure, as does garlic. Garlic specifically helps to decrease the hardening of your blood vessels. It has vitamin C, vitamin B6, and add unique flavor to your meal. 

Among foods that help you lower your blood pressure naturally is onion. Onions contain essential oils, vitamin B complex, and vitamins E and C, including potassium. 

It’s possible to manage and control blood pressure through a dietary approach. The right herbs, spices, and whole grains, when taken in the required amounts helps you maintain a normal blood pressure.

Listen to the video to learn about other foods that lower your blood pressure.

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  1.  Have a Low Alcoholic Intake

If you drink too much, know that your blood pressure will increase over time. As a man, it’s advisable to have two drinks per day or less. According to Dr Frita, if you’re a man older than 65, however, your alcohol consumption shouldn’t be more than one drink per day. If you’re a lady, you should have no more than one drink per day. 

Note that one drink of alcohol is equivalent to 12 grams of ethanol. For example, one drink of beer is 12 ounces, while one drink of wine is 8 ounces. Watch the video for a pictorial example.

reducing alcohol intake goes hand in hand with reducing smoking of cigarretes.

  1. Take Supplements

Another way to lower blood pressure naturally is by taking supplements. One important supplement is fish oil, which can lower blood pressure naturally. Another supplement that can help you lower your blood pressure naturally is CoQ12 or Coenzyme Q12. Studies show that CoQ12 helps reduce blood pressure. 

Remember, supplements may or may not be good for you. So consult your doctor before taking the journey.

  1. Get Enough Sleep & Exercise

Some other ways to lower your blood pressure naturally include getting enough sleep. It’s critical to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Having less sleep increases your chance of having high blood pressure.

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Also, dedicate at least 30 minutes three to four days per week to exercise. You can engage in cardiovascular or resistance training. Yoga and meditation can also help you lower your blood pressure.

Following the tips above can help lower your blood pressure naturally. One important factor to remember is to reduce your stress levels. When you’re stressed, your hormones tighten up, which results in high blood pressure. Learn to say no to people and tasks that stress you. Visit natural settings and take a walk on the beach when you can.

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