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Why These 5 Highest-Paid NFL Players Cash in Big Money


The highest-paid NFL players tend to be the best in their position, are on demand and play for the teams with the biggest budgets that can splash lots of money. Some of the deals involving these players have set contract records in the National Football League (NFL). 

Part of the salary is guaranteed, meaning the team will pay it regardless of the outcome. A portion of it can depend on their performance and other agreements made. In this list, we’ll look at the best-paid NFL players. 

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Lamar Jackson, $52 million

spotcovery-Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens quarterback-Highest-paid NFL Players
Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens quarterback. Source: Wikimedia licensed by Public domain

In April 2023, Lamar Jackson became one of the highest-paid NFL players after he agreed to a five-year extension with the Baltimore Ravens. His deal was $260 million, with a guarantee of $185 million. 

The average amount he earns annually is $52 million. Apart from his on-field activities, Jackson enjoys lucrative endorsement deals with brands like NFL Pro Era and Oakley Inc. 

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Patrick Mahomes, $52 million

spotcovery-Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes-Highest-paid NFL Players
Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-2.0

With other quarterbacks getting record-setting deals, two-time Super Bowl-winning QB Mahomes restructured his deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. His contract is now worth $210.6 million of guaranteed money over the next four years. 

This saw him rise in the money league and become one of the highest-paid NFL players. His average salary annually totals $52 million and can rise via incentives to $218 million.

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Jalen Hurts, $51 million

spotcovery-Jalen Hurts playing in a game-Highest-paid NFL Players
Jalen Hurts playing in a game. Source: Wikimedia licensed by  CC-BY-SA-2.0

When Jalen Hurts signed his five-year extension in April 2023, he became among the highest-paid NFL players. His contract is worth $225 million, with around $180 million guaranteed in total money, with $110 million of that offered at signing. 

The quarterback’s annual salary is $51 million and can earn up to $15 million in incentives. Outside of the field, Hurts adds to his wealth through brand deals. He works with Pepsi and Gillette, among other brands. 

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Kyle Murray, $46 million

Murray still ranks in the list of the highest-paid NFL players. His five-year $230.5 million contract sees him pocket $46 million every year for the duration of the deal. Out of this, he gets $160 million in guaranteed money.

On top of his NFL earnings, the Arizona Cardinals player works with several corporate partners like FaZe Clan and Nike, among others.

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Deshaun Watson, $46 million

His 2023 season might have been hampered with injury but the Cleveland Browns don’t have a problem giving him a big money. He signed a new contract worth $230 million, all of which is guaranteed and is the biggest guaranteed money any player has received in the history of the league. Watson’s average pay will be $46 million for the next five years.

It’s crazy how much money these players are earning. That said, it comes with a lot of responsibility for the team and the corporate partners they work with. That said, most of the top earners already deliver on their mandate and are used to the demands.  

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