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8 Best Black Sports Podcasts You Must Listen To

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Sports podcasts are a great way of getting the news and analysis and banter, a deviation from the mainstream way of doing shows. Some of the best sports podcasts you can listen to are run by black people. Their presence is important in helping you to understand black culture and highlighting things such as racism. 

Here’s a look at some of the top black sports podcasts.

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Black in Sports Podcasts

Hosts EJ Cutliff and Myles Hayes discuss black culture and the sports industry. EJ was an athlete and, thus, understands the pressure of the game. As a black athlete, he’s experienced first-hand what it’s like trying to make it to the professional level. 

He now brings that experience, plus his business background through his education and work experience, to the show. EJ and Myles talk to athletes, rookies and professionals.

Black Dawgs Sports Podcast

If you study at the Michigan State University (MSU), you’d probably be interested in this podcast. It’s the first from MSU with an all-black team.

The show spends a significant amount of time delving deep into baseball, men’s and women’s basketball and anything happening within the MSU sports universe.

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Black Spin Global: The Podcast

If you’re an avid tennis fan, this is one of the best sports podcasts for your genre. Hosts Lucy and Eugene focus on black tennis players in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) tours. The show began on social media and developed into a full-blown podcast. You can listen to it on Spotify and iTunes.

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2 Black Runners

Running is one of the most popular sports among black people. However, for a long time, its coverage was left in the hands of white media figures. This is why this podcast by brothers Aaron and Joshua Potts is significant. 

Both are runners, a trade they took from their older sibling, who also participates in the sport. They started the show in 2020 and have tackled social and racial issues and the fight for sponsorship.

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Track and Field Black History

The history of black people in athletics should be told, which is why Anderson Emerole launched this podcast. He shares stories of black track and field athletes like Alice Coachman and Mack Robinson. If you’re interested in sports history, this is the best sports podcast you should subscribe to.  

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Real Sports Heroes

Modern sports athletes have a responsibility that goes beyond the sport including black athletes. Their voice is important in raising awareness of societal issues and changing the sports landscape. 

This podcast tells the story of black athletes from their childhood, how that shaped their experiences and why they’re keen on using their platforms the way they do. You can listen to the Real Sports Heroes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart.

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Interrupting Sports

Reyanna Lambie looks into how systemic barriers hold black athletes and players of color in sports. She uses her experience as a former hockey player and sports business experience to educate listeners on the realities of black athletes. She also uses this as a platform to advocate for change. 

Wrestling While Black

The show’s host Nick, transforms his love for wrestling into a podcast. He talks about everything that happens from the drama, show reviews, and PPV reviews.

There’s no shortage of black sports podcasts you can listen to. Your options depend on your interests and the personalities you resonate with. Hopefully, this article helps you find a sports podcast you’ll enjoy. 

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Agnes Amondi
Agnes Amondi
Agnes Amondi is a sports enthusiast who enjoys sharing sports knowledge. Over the years, she has also written on different niches, and she now brings that experience at Spotcovery. She writes sports content and also, Arts & Culture, Recipe, Beauty and more.


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