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How Lebron James’ Scoring Record Has Made Him the NBA’s All-Time Leading Scorer


LeBron James’ scoring record is second to none. He’s set the bar high for current and future players that it might take long to rewrite the numbers. Throughout his career, James has proved over and over again that he’s capable of performing under pressure and heavily influencing the game. His consistency is a big part of delivering these results. In this article, we’ll look at the milestones LeBron has made.

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Scoring 1,000 Points

LeBron James’ scoring record. Video Credit: Basketball Action

We start the list of LeBron James’ scoring record by looking at his first 1000 points. He reached this milestone in 2004, less than a year after he joined the league. Cleveland Cavaliers were playing against the Boston Celtics and James scored 24 points to hand them a 97-89.

Scoring 5,000 Points 

LeBron James is in the Guinness World Record for becoming the youngest NBA player to record 5,000 points. He was 21 years and 22 days old when he made 51 points against the Utah Jazz in 2006, a game Cleveland won by 108-90. He surpassed the record made by the late Kobe Bryant, who reached 5,000 points at the age of 22 and 116 days old.  

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Scoring 10,000 Points

LeBron James scored 10,000 points. Video Credit: Bleacher Report

The basketballer became the youngest player to reach 10,000 points. He crossed this mark in 2008 at the age of 23 years and 59 days in a game against the Boston Celtics. James scored 26 points but that wasn’t enough to give the Cavs a win. It took him 368 games to get to 10,000 points, the ninth-fastest in NBA history. 

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Scoring 15,000 Points

In 2010, another LeBron James’ scoring record fell. Going into the game against the Chicago Bulls in 2010, the power forward was three points from joining the list of players who’ve made 15,000 points. He notched 29 points to finish the game with 15,029. He was two years younger than Kobe Bryant when he surpassed this mark. 

Scoring 20,000 Points

LeBron James’ scoring record continued; this time, he reached the 20,000 mark. Just like he did with the 5,000 and 10,000, he was the youngest player to score this amount of points, at 28 years and 17 days. He was playing against the Golden State Warriors and scored a total of 25 points. 

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Scoring 25,000 Points

In November 2015, James hit the 25,000-point mark against the Philadelphia 76ers and became the 20th player in the NBA to get this far. Again, he was the youngest to make this mark He scored 22 points in a 107-100 win over the 76ers.

Scoring 30,000 Points

LeBron James reached 30,000 points. Video Credit: Bleacher Report

Only six players in NBA history had hit the 30,000 points mark before LeBron James. The Cavs lost the game to the San Antonio Spurs but James got his fair share of points, scoring 28. He was also the youngest at 33 years and 24 days.

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Entering the 35,000 Points-Club

The basketballer joined an exclusive list of NBA players to score more than 35,000 points, including only two other players: Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Karl Malone. This record came in 2021 against the Brooklyn Nets, in which he scored 32 points. 

All-Time NBA Record Scorer

LeBron Breaking the scoring record. Video Credit: NBA on TNT

After surpassing all these scoring milestones, LeBron James’ is now the all-time scoring leader in the NBA. He broke Kareem-Abdul Jabbar’s record of 38387 points in a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in February 2023. 

The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Jabbar were in attendance. When he broke the record, the referee stopped the game to acknowledge his record.   

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39,000 points

In November 2023, LeBron James entered new territory, reaching 39,000 points in the league, the only man to score this many points. This historic milestone came against the Utah Jazz, a game the Lakers won 131-99, scoring 17 points.

LeBron James is on track to reach 40,000 points and he might do this before the season ends or he retires. We can’t tell how far he’ll go with his points scoring but wherever he stops, future players will have to do more to catch up with him. 

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