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12 Popular Black Anime Women Characters You Should Know

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Black anime women in popular Japanese films and TV shows introduce children to the importance of acknowledging diversity and addressing issues of race, minority groups,  and gender. 

Although anime was mainly produced for Japanese audiences, the industry has evolved to adjust its character to meet the growing needs of a diversified audience like black people.

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Among others, anime movies and series incorporate diverse cultures and characters.

Here are 12 black anime women characters helping black people feel seen.

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12 Black Anime Women You Should Know

Coffee – Cowboy Bebop

Coffee is tall and slim, with afro-black hair. 

Coffee leaves a lasting impression, although her time is short in Cowboy Bebop. She’s a hunter who likes to use the grenade launcher in bounty hunting. Coffee is a supporting actress who has won the hearts of many fans due to her personality and elegance

She keeps her cool and femininity, although her work is manly. 

If you’re looking for easy-to-cosplay black anime women characters, watch Coffee in Cowboy Bebop.

Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash

Miyuki is not only beautiful, but she’s smart. She gives valuable mechanical insights into upgrading the giant robots. She’s not a full member of Basquatch, but she taught Dan how to pilot a Big Foot mech, caring deeply about the success of the team.

The fact that she wears locs and is an engineer speaks volumes. Although Miyuki is just a teenager, there’s no doubt that many black women will be inspired to aim for the sky and beyond.

She loves to wear long green pants, black boots, purple glasses, a white tank top, and a pink and yellow jacket.

Casca– Berserk

Casca is one of the earliest black anime women characters you’ve probably seen. Throughout the series, Casca shows outstanding leadership skills. She has sound judgment and strategy. 

Unlike other females, she’s strong and demonstrates the ability to lead and influence her team in the mercenary group, the Band of the Falcon. 

Black people, especially children, find her character exemplary and respected as a warrior worthy of emulation. However, she’s one of the few black anime women to fall victim to violence throughout her life. 

She experienced a mental health crisis as a result, becoming aphasic.

Yoruichi Shihouin– Bleach

Yoruichi from Bleach is one of the top black anime women characters you’ll love. Although she was born a princess, she prefers living her life like everybody. Her personality is no doubt a fighter. 

You’ll also observe that she’s smart and witty. She appears introverted but shows her true self as a fighter circumstantially.

She was the captain of the second division of the Gotei 13 before joining the Urahara Shop. It’s fascinating that she can turn into a black cat at will.

Mira Naigus– Soul Eater

Mira Naigus is one of the three duos competing to become the best in Soul Eater. She’s a teacher, a nurse, and a fighter. She acts as a demon weapon partner for Sid Barrett, transforming into a knife.  

She’s resolute in following rules, depicting a squad falling apart if leaders don’t follow their orders. Mira has medical experience and takes over as the school nurse from Medusa. 

Dorothy– Great Pretender

Dorothy is a black anime female with black hair dyed white and pink. As a professional con artist, She’s confident and lively. 

She’s an intelligent and charismatic core member of Team Confidence. She and Laurent were once a couple. She was responsible for Laurent’s scamming lifestyle

The character was shot when she and Laurent attempted to take down some human traffickers. She survived; however, she lost her memory. 

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Canary Hunter– Hunter X Hunter 

As an apprentice butler of the Zoldyck family, Canary is a ruthless guardian offering protection against trespassers. Although petite in size, she can expel anyone twice her size because of the powers she has.

Canary spends time out of her busy schedule, playing with Killua to make him feel part of the family. 

Michiko Malandro– Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko’s free spirit to do whatever she wants often gets her into trouble. As such, she spends most of her role hiding and running after escaping from prison. 

She’s a ruthless character who drives her motorcycle through the window of Hana’s foster home– her boyfriend’s daughter. She took it upon herself to find Hana. 

Carole– Carole & Tuesday

You’ll find Carole to be independent and a lover of music inspired by Aretha Franklin and other black female artists.

After immigrating from Earth to Mars, Carole is a hardworking black woman making a life for herself. She had come from Earth to Mars and made friends with Tuesday, who helped her pursue her musical career. Carole plays music that comes from her heart instead of from an AI machine.

She makes the effort of reuniting with her father helping an old friend from Earth who was in trouble.

Karui– Naruto

Karui is a powerful kunoichi from Kumogakure. She was trained by Killer B and relies on kenjutsu, however, she can also use lightning release. 

Unlike her teammate Omoi, she is optimistic about the future. She’s outspoken about people who betray her. 

Atsuko Jackson–Michiko & Hatchin

Atsuko arrested Michiko, although the two were childhood friends. They grew up in the same orphanage. 

She’s dedicated to her work as a police officer. As such, she refuses to compromise to please anyone.

However, she was flexible in helping Michiko in subtle ways.

April– Darker Than Black

April is an MI-6 agent who works under November 11. She’s built an enviable relationship with her with her teammates and finds solace in sharing a drink with them. Beer, however, triggers her Contractor ability, which is perfect for her.

A good part of April’s personality is her superpower, allowing her to manipulate atmospheric pressure. Consequently, she is capable of creating rain clouds, wind velocity, and other effects.

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In a world where representation matters, black anime women characters break stereotypes, showing it’s possible to be black female and strong, smart, and capable of anything.

In this list above, you can find memorable protagonists and supporting casts doing the impossible. 

Which of the black anime women characters is your favorite character? 

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