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Morgan Heritage: 7 Best Songs for Your Every Mood

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Morgan Heritage is a Grammy-winning Jamaican reggae group created in 1994 by five siblings, namely Peter Anthony Morgan, Memmalatel, Nakhamyah, Una Morgan, and Roy. The Morgan family initially formed the band in Brooklyn, New York before moving back to Jamaica their hometown. 

Peetah Morgan who died on February 25, was the lead vocalist of the crew. The family didn’t disclose the cause of death. However, many fans, fellow musicians, and well-wishers sent their condolence messages.

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Here are the seven best songs of Morgan Heritage for your every mood. 

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Down by the River

Morgan Heritage -Down by the River. Video Credit: @terigower

Down by the River’ is one of the Morgan Heritage reggae band’s popular songs. It has captivating melodies, inspiring lyrics about finding happiness and peace in nature, and signature harmonies from the Morgan siblings. 

The song is from the band’s album, ‘ Of Many – 50 Years Of Reggae Music.’ The song lasts for 3 minutes and 46 seconds. The song is available on Amazon so you can easily stream and listen to it on the platform.

She’s Still Loving Me

Morgan Heritage – She’s Still Loving Me. Video Credit: @tariko6

The band released this soulful love song in 2003. ‘She’s Still Loving Me’ is about a loving romantic partner who remains consistent even when things aren’t going well in the relationship. 

If you’re planning a wedding or a romantic getaway like Valentine’s Day and engagement parties, the song is perfect. You’ll find the song in the Morgan Heritage ‘Three in One’ album and is 04:27 minutes long.

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A Man Is Still a Man

Morgan Heritage – A Man Is A Still A Man. Video Credit: @terigower

This song is also from the Morgan Heritage ‘Three in One‘ album released in 2003. It’s about the unchanging identity of a man regardless of what he wears or the type of work he does. This song can encourage you to never look down on any man despite race and social status. The track is 04:07 long, and it’s available on Amazon.

Tell Me How Come

Morgan Heritage – Tell Me How Come. Video Credit: @NV3814

Released in 2005, ‘Tell Me How Come‘ is a reggae masterpiece that talks about the privacy and complexities of relationships and love. It questions the actions of romantic partners and demands explanations for their behaviors. The track is from the band’s album titled ‘Full Circle ‘ and its duration is 03:35. 

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I’m Coming Home

Morgan Heritage – I’m coming home. Video Credit: @o.d.m_lyrics

I’m Coming Home‘ Morgan Heritage expresses longing to return back home to be with loved ones. The song features an optimistic and hopeful message about reuniting with those that matter most in your life. It’s from the album ‘Full Circle’ released in 2005 by the Morgan Heritage band. 

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Perfect Love Song

Morgan Heritage – Perfect Love Song. Video Credit: @vprecords

If you want to listen to a song that celebrates the ideal of unconditional and true love, consider this song. The song describes a love that looks beyond challenges and remains unwavering regardless of situations. It was released in 2013 and it’s available for streaming on Amazon

Your Best Friend

Morgan Heritage – Your best friend. Video Credit: @eugeneliv

Your Best Friend‘ is from the band’s ‘Full Circle’ album. The music track talks about the importance of friendship. It also highlights the support, loyalty, and unconditional love that true friendship brings. Listening to this song will help you see the need to keep and maintain healthy relationships with those who mean well to you.

Whether you’re in the thinking mood, ready to groove, or looking for a dose of inspiration Morgan Heritage’s wide range of albums offers a soundtrack for every emotional state. So, put on your headphones, crank up the volumes with these seven songs, and discover the magic of Morgan Heritage’s music.

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