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Top 11 Black Fatherhood Podcasts


Fathers get little direction when it comes to parenting. They’re expected to know how to do things and any admission of struggle is met with a negative response. 

Luckily, some men have taken the initiative to speak out about their experiences and help new and already-existing fathers in their journey.

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Here now are the top 10 black fatherhood podcasts you should start listening to. Dear Fathers, Black Fatherhood Podcast With Dr Alvin Thomas, Dope Black Dads, Black Dads Live, Just A Black DadCast, Black Dads Club, PopsCast,  Dads Divulge Podcast, Just My Baby Daddy Podcast and Black Dads Germany Podcast.   

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1. Dear Fathers Podcast

Hosted by James Meek and Co-founded by Jesse Alex, the Dear Fathers Podcast is one of the top 10 black fatherhood podcasts you should listen to. 

It seeks to humanize black fathers who are usually only appreciated for what they do in their careers.  

They cover issues from mental health and careers and how you can do all that while still being a good father. You can find this on Spotify, Apple, Google Playlist, Anchor and YouTube.

They  interview and request fathers to submit their stories, sell merchandise and host” Dear Fathers Night.” This is an event where they bring together fathers to talk about the aforementioned topics. 

2. Black Fatherhood Podcast With Dr Alvin Thomas

Top 11 Black Fatherhood Podcasts
The poster image for the Black Fatherhood podcast. Image Source: The School of Human Ecology

Dr. Thomas is the host and founder of this podcast which is one of the top black fatherhood podcasts out there. 

He’s interested in exploring how history and the current societies influence black fatherhood

You can listen to the podcast in audio on Apple, Spotify and other platforms.

3. Dope Black Dads Podcast

What began as a WhatsApp group evolved into one of the top 10 black fatherhood podcasts. Founded by Marvyn Harrison who often spent time talking about black fatherhood with friends, he converted that into meetings and ended up bringing more people on board through events. 

Dope Black Dads Podcast has been rated as an adult-only podcast for fathers-to-be and those who are already parents. 

You can listen to the audio on Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud and even join them on Slack. You can also watch them on YouTube

4. Black Dads Live

“Black Dads Live” is one of the best black fatherhood podcasts you can listen to. It sheds light on stereotypes associated with black fathers and puts into perspective what their actual experience is. If you’re interested in this, you can find it on PodBean and Apple Podcasts.

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5. Just A Black DadCast

Herschel Matthews started the “ust A Black DadCast” to share his experiences of fatherhood and provide a voice for black dads to talk. His latest episode came out in October. Thus, if you want to listen to it, you might have to wait, hopefully for not so long. 

6. Black Dads Club Podcast

“Black Dads Club” Podcast is a weekly show with Pastor Mike Will and Photographer Gavin, who are not experts when it comes to parenting but have ideas to give. 

They talk about masculinity and what black men go through whilst promising to talk about anything and everything, which is why it is one of the top black fatherhood podcasts in the world. 

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You can find the Black Dads Club Podcast on Apple, TuneIn and Spotify. 

7.  PopsCast

Like many of the black fatherhood podcasts we have listed above, “PopsCast” shares the experiences that millennial fathers go through and what it’s like to be one on a day-to-day basis. 

PopsCast is on Apple Podcast, Audible, Deezer, Spotify and Spreaker. 

8. Dads Divulge Podcast

The founders of the Dads Divulge Podcast take you through what parenting is like from a father’s point of view. They challenge some of the claims made about fathers. In fact, they admit that it is the toughest job you can do. So far, they have produced 11 episodes and you can listen to all of them on Apple Podcasts.

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9. Just My Baby Daddy Podcast

The podcast challenges the stereotype that black men are only baby daddies and not actual fathers. It shares stories of men who’ve actually fathered their offspring and also shed light on other dimensions of their lives. JMBD podcast is on Spotify, YouTube and other podcast-listening apps.

10. Black Dads Germany Podcast

Alain Missala, Peter Kamya, Andrew FDB and Junior Biney are the founder and co-founders of one of the top 10 black fatherhood podcasts in the world. 

Black Dads Germany Podcast is meant to bring together fathers of colour and deconstruct stereotypical notions surrounding them in a country (Germany) in which they are a minority. 

They have various activities to foster all this. From reading club, playdates and art projects and more, you should make it a point to listen to them. 

Find them on Apple, Spotify, TuneIn and more.

11. Father Hoods Podcast

DJ EFN, Manny Digital and KGB came together to talk about fatherhood in the Father Hoods Podcast. This is a weekly show during which they share insights into their experiences as hip-hop dads and at times, invite moms.

If you love watching podcasts, catch them on YouTube on Father Hoods, and listen to them on your preferred podcast platforms – iTunes, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Castbox, Stitcher and Radio Republic.

Do you listen to any of the black fatherhood podcasts we have listed above? Share your comments below.

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