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7 Best Jamaican Male Dancehall Artists Popular Beyond the Borders

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Jamaican male dancehall artists are a mix of veteran and young musicians making waves, not just in Jamaica but in Africa and the rest of the world. Most of these songs have various themes, ranging from social vices to love to politics. 

Below, is a highlight of the best Jamaican male dancehall artists making a difference with music.

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Best Jamaican Male Dancehall Artists


Video source: Popcaan–YouTube

One of the Jamaican male dancehall artists is Popcaan. He started his music career in the 2000s, emerging as one of the best globally. Popcaan is an experienced artist with a career spanning over three decades. 

He’s featured music icons like Drake and Burna Boy. Some of his songs include:

  • Elevate
  • Next to Me
  • Family
  •  Firm and Strong 
  • and Silence.


Video source: The Great Jahmiel–Youtube

Jahmiel is a talented artist who started his career at a young age. He’s unique among male dancehall artists by blending his vocals with reggae, dancehall, and pop hybrids. He sings under the label Drop Di Bass Entertainment.

Jahmiel released some classics, such as:  

  • U Me Luv
  • Strongest Soldier
  • Winning
  •  Tell Me and 
  • Legend.


Video source: Teejay–Youtube

Although Teejay is young in the Jamaican male dancehall artists category, he’s remarkably consistent with delivering classic songs. His songs include: 

  • Lonely Road
  • Unfaithful Games
  •  I’ll Touch the Sky
  •  People, and 
  • From Rags to Riches.


Video Source: Streetfrass Music

Koshens released many mixtapes during the 2000s. However, he became famous as one of the best Jamaican male dancehall artists in 2010. 

You’ll remember his songs such as:

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  • Simple Blessings
  • Turn Me On
  • So High
  •  Privado
  • Hard Drive
  • Angela
  • I’m Coming and 
  • Show Yourself.

Busy Signal

Video source: Busy Signal– YouTube

Busy Signal is best known for Stay So, a track many people relate to. He’s a Jamaican veteran dancehall artist who has stayed consistent with classical tracks. Some of his songs include: 

  • The Gambler
  • Free Up
  • Come Over
  • Take It Easy and 
  • Step Out.


Mavado Gully Official–YouTube

Mavado has a unique energy synonymous with strength, which many of his fans admire. He’s featured global icons like Snoop Dogg, XXXTentacion, Nicky Minaj, and G-Unit. In addition to Grand Theft Auto and DJ Khaled’s We The Best, Mavado has also appeared on internationally renowned platforms. He’s among the best Jamaican male dancehall artists.


Video source: Squah– YouTube

He comes from Salt Spring in St. James, Jamaica. Although he’s been in the music industry for a while, he became famous in 2016. His songs include:

  • Rate Who Rate You
  • Play Time Done and 
  • Peace of Mind. 

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There are the best Jamaican male dancehall artists on the rise with classic songs for everyday people. This list is unique for what they do.

What is your favorite song from any of them?

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