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7 Major Money Problems in Marriage Black Couples Should Know


Money is among the most common sources of problems in marriages. Financial disagreements happen over many things. When you get married, all your financial decisions, both past and present, affect your spouse either negatively or positively. 

If those decisions stop your family from meeting their financial obligations, problems will set in. Continue reading to discover the seven major money problems in marriages that black couples should and know their possible solutions. 

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Huge Debts

An Explanation on how to get out of debt. Video Credit: @SpiceFMKE

Generally, financial stability plays an important role in one’s quality of life. Huge debt, whether it’s from student loans, credit cards, or big-ticket purchases, can easily lead to anxiety and depression as you constantly make payments with no end in view. 

This prolonged emotional imbalance and stress can affect your relationship with your partner because of a lack of trust and constant argument. It can even lead to divorce if not managed properly. 

Here are guides on Amazon on how to manage and pay off debts quickly. You can get one or two to learn ways to manage debt so it doesn’t bring money problems in your marriage.  

Financial Imbalance

While it’s common for one partner to earn more than the other, financial Imbalance has always been a known money problem in marriages that causes issues for spouses. For example, the partner who earns less income may feel guilty for buying things for themselves. They can also feel bad for not contributing to family expenses as much as the other partner does. 

On the other hand, the spouse who makes more money may feel resentful that they’re paying more shared bills or working longer hours but perhaps aren’t enjoying the same benefits as their spouse.

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Not Saving for Unforeseen Circumstances

Sometimes, problems you don’t plan for can come up unexpectedly and cost up to $1,000 or even more. When you add pets and children to the picture, possible financial issues increase.

In most cases, these unforeseen circumstances may lead you and your partner into borrowing high-interest loans, resulting in fighting with your partner about more debt. 

The solution to this problem is building an emergency fund. You need to plan for the unexpected and build a sizable emergency fund based on your household’s standard of living. 

When building an emergency fund, consider your vehicle condition, job security, and your family’s health concerns. A different joint high-yield savings account is perfect for building an emergency fund since it allows you to save some money with huge returns. 

Lack of Family Financial Plan

How to Have a Great Family Budget Meeting. Video Credit: @HisandHerMoney

You need a household money plan to ensure that you and your spouse are moving in the right direction financially. Sit with your partner and talk about your saving goals, retirement, and money goals. 

Whether it’s retiring at 40 or starting a family business, talk it out and draw up a financial plan on how you will reach the goal. You’ll not spend unnecessarily and out of budget when you have a financial plan.

Before coming up with a financial plan, you and your partner can speak with a financial advisor or an accountant about your liabilities and advantages. Married couples have different tax circumstances that cost or save them money. 

However, you can save at least 10% of your household income if you aren’t ready to speak with an accountant or financial advisor. You can get a family financial plan template on Amazon if you’re unsure about how to do it. 

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Coping With Extended Family

Co-managing finances while still respecting the needs, goals, and expectations of each partner regarding the extended family can be difficult. 

For example, her brother can’t pay his rent. His parents need a change of car. Now one spouse is writing a cheque while the other asks why the money isn’t used to solve problems at home or pay for children’s education. 

So, if there’s no understanding between the couple on the percentage of their income that should go to extended family, they’ll have issues. 

Major Purchase

Items that cost a lot need to be discussed beforehand. These include cars, houses, and electronics. As a couple, you need to talk and put a cap on how much you can spend without the knowledge of the other person.

This will help your family save more by avoiding situations where your partner goes out and buys a smart TV or other expensive items without informing you. 


The amount to invest and the choice of investment needs to be discussed. If neither you nor your spouse is in the financial sector, you’ll need to work with a financial advisor or a company that does. Even if you get an investment firm, you and your partner should be aware of how your portfolio is doing.

Over the years, money problems in marriage have made many couples sign the divorce papers. It’s a problem that you need to identify and address to avoid its negative effects on your home and marriage. 

The seven money problems in marriage covered here are the common ones. When you address them, you build a financial strife-free home. 

Check Amazon for financial planning and budgeting guides that’ll help you manage your household income effectively. 

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