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Get Organized In 2023 With These 9 Black-Owned Planners


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As we embark on a new journey this 2023, it’s time we bid farewell to the chaos and disorganization of the past year. It’s time to take control of our schedules, goals, and lives. From setting goals, tracking habits, recording daily activities, and staying motivated, planners offer numerous tools to help you achieve your goals and stay motivated for the new year. But why settle for a generic planner when you can simultaneously elevate your organizational game and support a Black-owned business with Black-owned planner companies? 

Black-owned planners are not just a tool for organization but a symbol of the resilience, creativity and determination of the Black community. These amazing planners are a reminder to dream big, set goals, and make them happen. They’re the ideal business planner every black entrepreneur should have.

To harness this well of resources, we have complied a list of the top 9 black-owned planners to help you stay on top of your goals and plans for the new year!

From Chaos to Control: The Best Black-Owned Planners for a Productive 2023

Planner Girl

Introducing, The Planner Girl Collection (PGC) – where organization meets creativity. PGC is a line of organizational tools tailored for the modern woman with a touch of feminine charm. From their black-owned  notebooks and journals to stickers, stationery goods, and accessories, their themed items will help you conquer your day in style. 

Made with delicate designs and colors, PGC planners come packed with goal-setting pages, budget planning, habit tracking, and more. And if you’re one of the tech-savvy moms, they also offer digital planners to access on-the-go.

It’s one of the best planner preferred by women of color.

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Cherish Planner

Cherish Planner offers easy-to-use, fun, and visually stunning journals that cater to personal and professional matters, from reading and movie-watching to your everyday to-do lists. The journals feature daily planning pages and weekly challenges, goal-setting pages, and motivational quotes and prompts to help users stay focused and motivated. 

Check out some popular black-owned journals from Cherish Planner on Etsy, such as the Book Club Digital Reading Journal, Daily To-Do List, Movie Club Digital Journal, and more, where you can snag one for as low as $3! They will help you plan your activities at any time of the year.

Happiness Planner

Happiness Planner guides you on your journey to self-discovery by providing a journal, 12 monthly planners and goal-setting pages, daily motivational quotes, prompts for practicing self-love, a schedule and to-do list, and a sleep, exercise, and meal tracker. It also offers a comprehensive review feature for your daily, monthly, and end-of-year gratitude and reflections.

Imagine having all your plans and progress at your fingertips; Happiness Planner offers you just that! It is now available as a convenient app for Apple and Google stores.

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Prosper Planner

Prosper Planner is a Christian black-owned stationery planner brand that focuses on helping you achieve your purpose as a Christian. The 2023 planner enables you to take control of your day by creating schedules with specific times to pray, read, and rest. It also provides scriptures that help build your faith as you plan toward your purpose.

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If you want to develop your time management skills and curb some habits while growing as a Christian, the Prosper Planner is for you.

Ivory Paper Co

Whether you are a teacher, student, content creator, jack-of-all-trade, or just freestyling life, Ivory Paper co has all you need for planning. With their All-In-One PlannerDaily PlannerAcademic PlannerTeacher Lesson PlannerSocial Planner, and Budget Planner, you will have access to all the tools you need to stay organized and on track.

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The Book’d Store

Although this kit is out of stock, their 2023 Digital Book’d Planner is still fantastic! It features a 2023 Vision Board Space, Bucket List Worksheet, and Goal Wheel. It also features Monthly Illustrations, pages for notes, calendars, goal setting, budgeting, and daily sections for everything from calls and emails to self-care and end-of-week gratitude.

Journal For Black Women: Affirmations & Gratitude

black owned planners
Source: Amazon

Viv V. Williams left no stone unturned when tailoring this journal to fit into the essence of being a Black woman. This Journal for Black women helps you focus on self-love, rest, and emotional and mental self-care.

The 52-week journal also has a space where you can write down what you are grateful for and note your day-to-day progress while advancing your healing and growing process. It will be possible for you to do weekly views of your own goals while in privacy.

The Break Resources

Take charge of your mind and finances with the Mind & Money Planner! This black-owned daily planner helps you achieve your goals in style. They feature week-to-view pages, updated monthly affirmations and quotes, weekly overviews, and goal-setting reviews, with which you can easily track your progress and make notes on your improvement. Additionally, their monthly budgeting and expense trackers will help you stay on top of your finances.

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Be Rooted

Be Rooted features a sticker sheet with 12 months of tabbed monthly planning calendars and horizontal weekly planning starting from January to December 2023. The quality and design of this planner are designed to boost your productivity and keep you motivated on your task.

Lastly, there is a special package for Veterans. If you are having a hard time transitioning to civilian life, Plannerology has all you need!

Happy Planning Folks!

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