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21 Thanksgiving Event Ideas Black Families Should Adopt


Choosing Thanksgiving ideas to suit your family can be an uphill task. It can be worse if you want ideas to fit your black family. Looking for fresh and meaningful ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your black family? Here are 21 Thanksgiving event ideas black families should adopt.

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Heritage Potluck Dinner

Thanksgiving is all about feasting, so why not make it a multicultural affair? Invite family members to bring dishes that represent their heritage.

Gratitude Journaling

Before diving into the turkey and stuffing, take a moment for reflection. Provide journals and pens for everyone to jot down what they’re thankful for.

This is like having a special book where you write down all the things that make you feel happy and thankful. You use colorful pens or pencils to make it pretty. It’s a bit like writing a letter to yourself about all the good stuff in your life.

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Storytelling Circle

Pass down the family history and traditions through storytelling. Encourage the elders to share stories from their youth or tales of family legends.

Picture this: everyone sits in a circle, and one person tells a really cool story. It could be a story about when they were little or maybe even a story about someone else in the family.

Community Service

Give back to the community by volunteering together as a family. Consider serving meals at a local shelter or participating in a neighborhood cleanup. You and your family could serve food to people who don’t have enough to eat, or you could pick up trash to make your neighborhood look even nicer.

Family Karaoke Night

Unleash your inner divas and rock stars with a family karaoke night. Set up a staging area, pick your favorite tunes, and let the musical talents in your family shine.

Think of this as a big family sing-along party. You stand on a pretend stage with a microphone, and sing your favorite songs.

African Drum Circle

Embrace the rhythmic beats of African culture by hosting an African drum circle.

Invite a local drummer, or use simple hand drums and percussion instruments to create your own music.

Imagine a bunch of drums and other instruments like shakers and tambourines. You and your family make cool beats and rhythms together.

Thanksgiving Art Exhibition

Encourage family members to express their creativity through art. Set up an art exhibition with paintings, sculptures, or crafts that reflect the spirit of Thanksgiving and the cultural heritage of your family.

This is like an art show, but it’s all the amazing art made by your family. You can paint pictures, make sculptures, or create pretty crafts, and then you show them off to everyone.

Thanksgiving Poetry Slam

Let your family members show their gratitude and feelings through poetry.

Host a Thanksgiving-themed poetry slam where everyone can recite their original poems or favorite pieces by black poets. Picture a stage where you stand up and say poems you made up yourself.

Thanksgiving Book Club

Choose a book written by a black author or one that explores black culture and history.

Read it together as a family in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and host a book club discussion on the holiday itself.

Gratitude Art Project

Set up an art station with supplies for creating gratitude-themed artwork. Family members can paint, draw, or craft pieces that express their gratitude, and then display the artwork around your home.

You know when you draw or paint pictures with bright colors? Well, this is like that, but you make pictures that show all the things you’re thankful for.

Cook-Off Challenge

Host a friendly cooking competition among family members. Assign teams or individuals to prepare dishes and have a panel of judges rate them.

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Imagine a cooking competition where you and your family become chefs for a day. You make yummy dishes, and some people taste them and decide which one is the most delicious. It’s like a food contest, and it’s super tasty.

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Outdoor Movie Night

Set up an outdoor movie screening with a projector and a white sheet or screen in your backyard. Pick a classic or a family favorite film and enjoy the crisp fall air while watching together under the stars.

Think of it as a movie night, but you watch it outside in your backyard. You bring cozy blankets and pillows, eat popcorn, and enjoy the movie under the twinkling stars.

Family Vision Board

Set up a station with supplies for creating vision boards. Each family member can craft a vision board to represent their goals, aspirations, and things they’re grateful for in the coming year. This is like making a giant poster with pictures and words showing your big dreams and goals.

Family Gratitude Collage

Create a gratitude collage as a group activity. Provide magazines, scissors, glue, and large poster boards. Family members can cut out images and words that represent what they’re thankful for and arrange them into a beautiful collage.

Imagine having a big piece of paper where you stick pictures and words that remind you of everything you’re thankful for. It’s like making a giant puzzle of happiness!

Themed Costume Contest

Ask family members to come dressed in costumes representing their favorite historical or cultural figures. Have a contest with prizes for the most creative and historically accurate costumes.

Imagine how you like to dress up as your favorite characters. Well, imagine a contest where everyone dresses up like famous people or characters from books, and you all show off your costumes.

Family Garden Project

If you have a green thumb in the family, start a family garden project. Plant seasonal vegetables or flowers together and watch your garden grow over time. This is like starting a little garden with your family. You plant flowers or vegetables together, and take care of them as they grow.

DIY Centerpieces

Set up a DIY centerpiece station with craft supplies so family members can create their own unique table decorations. These centerpieces can then be used to adorn the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Think of it as making pretty decorations for your Thanksgiving table. You use colorful stuff like paper, glue, and sparkles to create special decorations that make the table look really beautiful. Many DIY centerpieces guides are available on Amazon. You can get them to learn. 

Virtual Thanksgiving Gathering

If distance prevents some family members from attending in person, host a virtual Thanksgiving gathering via video call. It’s like having a video party with your family, even if they’re far away.

Board Game Tournament

Organize a family board game tournament with classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Uno. Compete in teams or individually and award prizes to the winners.

Imagine a day full of playing fun board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Uno with your family. You try to win and get cool prizes.

Family Recipe Exchange

Let your family members share their favorite recipes and the stories behind them.

Create a recipe exchange where each person can take home copies of their favorite dishes to recreate in their own kitchens.

This is like sharing your secret cooking recipes with your family. You give them the recipe, and they can make the yummy food at home, just like you do!

Outdoor Art Gallery

Turn your backyard or a nearby park into an outdoor art gallery. Display family members’ artwork, sculptures, or crafts for everyone to appreciate while enjoying the fresh air.

Think of your backyard as a big art museum. You and your family hang up all the art you made, like paintings and crafts, outside for everyone to see. It’s like having your own art show in the fresh air!

Mix and match these suggestions to create a Thanksgiving celebration that everyone will treasure for years. Many books on Amazon cover other fun ideas. You can also get the books to discover more black family Thanksgiving event ideas. 

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