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8 Least Known Apparel Retailers That Can Give You a Good Deal


Whether you’re looking for trends, classics or everyday wear, most apparel retailers give you the freedom to order online or walk in. They stock clothes for men and women at affordable prices. You can get unique pieces that will make you stand out. One thing I like about apparel retailers is their unlimited stores in different cities. In this post, we reveal the brands to should know.

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Aseaya Boutique

Aseaya Boutique sells dresses, jumpsuits, swimsuits, jeans and more. The prices are as low as $15 and as high as $95. So, if you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to get something here. The store is located in Reading, Ohio. Alternatively, you can order online.

Beezfly Closet

In 2012, Brandie Carpenter opened Beezfly Closet, one of the best clothing stores in Ohio. She was complimented for her fashion sense, referred to as Bee and her style labeled fly, which is the basis for her store’s name, Beezfly.

Carpenter wanted the women in her state to have a place where they could find class, elegance, affordability and style. Beezfly Closet sells shoes, clothes and accessories. They are located at 451 Wall Street, New York and you can also order.

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Corporate Got Em

Corporate Got Em by Matt Tomamichel is one of the biggest apparel retailers in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Indianapolis. Sneakers are its premier product although they also sell hoodies, pants and shorts for men, women and kids.

Corporate Got Em has done high-profile collaborations with brands like Jordan, Spalding and Starter among others. The store operates from Monday to Saturday between 11 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time. 

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Fly By Nature

Fly by Nature is a streetwear brand in Cincinnati Ohio, It sells hoodies, jackets and sweatsuits among other things. The owner, Cam Mundon, was the first black apparel retailer on 1606 Race Street. His logo is a duck that pays homage to his late brother, whom he describes, as “always looked good.”

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Think Twice

Think Twice is one of Kenya’s biggest apparel retailers. It sells second-hand clothes at affordable prices. These include men, women and kids wear. The clothes range from casual, and official to streetwear.

Additionally, you can buy bags, shoes, and bedroom products. The stores are spread out across the country.

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Mille Collins

Two women who desired to share African stories through their passion for fashion started Mille Collins. Its entire production is in Africa and the team reflects the diversity on the continent.   

Some of its products include shawls, wraps and accessories. The store is at The Watershed, Cape Town, South Africa.

Vivo Woman

Vivo Fashion Group is one of the best apparel retailers in Africa. It uses fashion to create economic opportunities for Africans. Wandia Gichuru and Anne Marie Burugu started the business in 2011, and the latter leads the African fashion industry.

If you want corporate wear, casual and colorful wear, find your way to Vivo. They have stores across East Africa Kenya & Rwanda. 


Elisamama produces Ankara prints through artisans in Nigeria who use locally sourced materials. Through this, they support the local communities and the industry. The retailer’s collection features a range of dresses women wear without sacrificing their comfort.

If you’re interested in their vibrant dresses, you can order online and pay using different options, from Visa to GPay and American Express, among others.

Apparel retailers are growing in numbers, which means you have no shortage of places to buy clothes. They are affordable and cater for a variety of styles, so all you need to do is have an idea of what you are looking for. Which are your favorite thrift stores?

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