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Handyman Business: 6 Steps to Start Your Business as a Black Entrepreneur


Are you good with your hands and dream of owning a black-owned business? A handyman business can be a prayer answered. This business has a low starting cost and the potential for high revenue. 

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But, like with any other business, it has its challenges. We have put together this detailed guide to walk you through everything you need to know to launch your black-owned handyman business.  

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Types of Handyman Services Black-Owned Businesses Can Offer

After conducting a thorough market research, we found fifteen high-in-demand handyman services that black businesses could offer: 

  1. Audio Video Setup 
  2. Painting 
  3. Movers
  4. Electrician 
  5. Plumbing 
  6. Garage Mechanic
  7. Cleaning
  8. Gardening
  9. Roofing
  10. Carpentering 
  11. Interior Designing
  12. Gutter and window cleaning
  13. Tile installation, repair, and maintenance
  14. Furnace filter and window screen replacement
  15. Hanging wall art and shelves

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6 steps to Start a Black-owned Handyman Business

If you’re ready to launch your black-owned handyman business, you may be wondering the steps you need to take. Here are the 6 steps to build a successful black handyman brand. 

Decide on the Service to Offer

You can launch your black-owned handyman brand and offer many services. But if you don’t have plenty of skills, you would want to examine the few you have and focus on one or two you’re really good at doing. 

As someone who’s just launching, we recommend focusing on one or a few niches. Starting small requires fewer materials and tools. Plus, it allows you to create a targeted market strategy for a specific target market. 

Write a Detailed Business Plan

Writing a comprehensive business plan is important in starting your black-owned handyman brand. It’s an excellent way to outline your vision for the business. 

A well-detailed handyman business plan will help you identify your competitors, strengths, weaknesses, and threats. Again, many potential investors will want to see your business plan before they can provide funding

You’ll need a detailed business plan for your black-owned handyman business to get startup capital from an outside lender. You can get directions on how to write your business plan from the Small Business Administration website. There are also books and templates on Amazon on how to write a comprehensive business plan. 

Obtain the Necessary Handyman License for Your State

It’s straightforward enough to start a handyman business as a black entrepreneur and join the home service industry, but you need to do it legally. Each state in the United States has different handyman business licensing requirements. 

For example, in Florida, you don’t need a handyman license to start offering the services. The same applies to California, but the projects you don’t take must be under $500. Before launching, check with your local licensing board to see if you need a license to run your black-owned handyman brand.

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Buy Handyman Tools and Equipment 

Whatever your customers’ emergency repairs or home improvement needs, you’ll need tools and equipment to do the job. Below are the basic tools and equipment that you’ll need to buy when launching your brand:

  • Hand saw 
  • LED flashlight 
  • Level 
  • Nail and screw sets
  • Allen wrenches 
  • Broom, dustpan, mop, and bucket 
  • Duct tape, masking tape, and painter’s tape 
  • Extension cord

Since you’re new in the home service industry, we recommend that you buy what you need for your first few jobs only. As you land more jobs, you can buy other needed tools. The good thing is that you can easily buy home service tools and equipment on Amazon.

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Set Your Black-owned HandyMan Business Price

It’s important to establish how much you’ll charge per project before you start letting people know about your services. Setting your rate from the beginning will help you provide accurate and consistent estimates

Start with your labor cost. According to a report on the Jobber website, the average hourly labor cost for handyman jobs is $24.30. Depending on your experience and locality, this amount can be higher or lower. 

Next, calculate the number of hours you’ll take to complete a particular project and multiply it by your labor cost. For example, if it takes four hours to assemble entertainment equipment for a client, your labor cost will be 4×24.30 = $97.2.

Start Marketing Your Black-Owned Handyman Business

Letting people know about your newly launched black business will help attract customers. There are many ways you can market your black brand and let people know about it.

You can use word of mouth, social media, email marketing, or paid advertisements. The approach that you’ll use will depend on the amount of money you have available for marketing. 

Over the years, we’ve found great brand marketing books on Amazon. You can check the online marketplace to buy one or two marketing books that’ll guide you through promoting your new business. 

Handyman business is among the businesses that black entrepreneurs can easily start. It doesn’t require formal education or huge startup costs. You just need to be good at fixing things with your hand. The steps outlined here will help you launch your black-owned handyman business. 

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