10 Black-Owned Wellness Brands For Your Self-Care Needs


This short read highlights ten(10) inspiring Black-owned wellness brands you should trust to take your upgrade your favorite self-care rituals. 

10 Black-Owned Wellness Brands For Your Self-Care Needs

Are you looking to indulge in wellness practices for your physical and mental well-being and searching for products created with you in mind? You’d be delighted to know Black entrepreneurs and businesses are rewriting the narrative of the wellness industry by creating more inclusive wellness spaces and products for the Black community and People of Color. 

From healing baths to teas, supplements, spiritual spaces, and contraceptives, let’s explore some Black-owned Wellness brands that’ll cater to your selfcare needs. 

10 Black-Owned Wellness Brands For Your Self-Care Needs


Rebecca Grammer-Ybarrabk’s Homebody offers wellness bath products powered by plants guaranteed to turn your bathtime into one where you allow yourself to experience relief, deep relaxation, and even gain a fresh burst of energy. 


Beatrice Dixon’s Honey Pot takes feminine care to another level with organic cotton panty liners, wipes, pads, and natural cleansers that preserve the pH of the vagina. Honey Pot Co. also has products designed specifically for moms-to-be and postpartum recovery.


Golde has many offerings focused on promoting overall health and wellness, and the best part is they are 100% natural and vegan-friendly. Starting from matcha products, including the bestselling Matcha Turmeric Blend and Make Your Matcha Kit and Just-Add-Water superfoods like Watermelon Glow and Pineapple Debloat, to yummy skincare products and irresistible latte bundles. We recommend the Super Calm Bundle for relieving stress and boosting mood.


Movita Organics is an inclusive wellness brand created by Tonya Lewis Lee to cater to women’s needs and help them achieve their wellness goals. The brand features high-quality natural nutritional supplements, including multivitamins, beauty supplements, fermented vitamin C supplements, and prenatal supplements, made with pure organic whole foods, minerals, and vitamins. They also offer affordable and convenient monthly vitamin subscriptions. 


Nadine Joseph’s Peak and Valley has you covered with their best-selling Balance My Stress adaptogen blend and other products that reduce overall stress levels, boost cognitive performance, nurture your skin from within, and improve sleep quality.


Oui the People offers distinctive shaving products like sensitive skin razors, ingrown hair relief toners, moisturizing shave gel-to-milk, hydrating bikini sheet mask, and more to give you a luxurious, irritant-free shaving experience. They also boast a range of skin care products guaranteed to make you look and feel good. 


After healing from depression and anxiety with the help of her handcrafted herbal baths, Mariam Mouna Gausseous was inspired to help others to do the same. I See You Wellness offers apothecary products, ranging from bath salts to body oils, candles, soaps, healing sessions, and online self-care services.


The next time you feel like life is happening too fast that you can hardly catch your breath, or you feel like you are stuck in a pool of negative energy, join The Circle on Black Girl in Om to breathe easy and feel liberated, empowered, and seen

Founder Laura Ash created Black Girl in Om (BGIO) in 2014 to provide a safe and accessible wellness space where Black and POC women can come to heal and expand into their most authentic selves.  BGIO hosts a community of Black and POC women on a self-discovery and mindful healing journey with wellness practitioners ready to swoop in and help. The brand delivers culturally aligned spiritual resources, offers group meditation sessions, and more.


A group of self-assured West African women came together to start Culture Fit with the aim of providing high-quality activewear that is both comfortable and culturally representative. The brand offers unique workout bras, leggings sets, and yoga mats in beautiful West African print designs.


Hear us out! We promise that using safe birth control methods that allow you to enjoy the best sexual experience with minimal risk of pregnancy is a form of self-care. 

B condoms, the only Black-owned condom company in the US, was founded in 2011 by Jason Panda. In addition to providing high-end vegan-friendly, paraben-free latex condoms to encourage safer sex, the brand collaborates with US non-profit organizations to increase black communities’ awareness of sexual health issues. You can find B condoms in Walmart or your local Target store.

Do you have any Black-owned wellness brands in your self-care box or shelf? Please share with us in the comments. And in case you missed it, here are 18 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to trust with hair, skin, and makeup needs.


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