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International African American Museum: The Rich African History


If you love the narrative of the African American story in history books, you’ll appreciate more the work of the International African American Museum. Located at 14 Wharfside Street Charleston, this museum is North America’s largest trans-Atlantic slave trade port.

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Once you enter the museum, you’re welcomed by the African Ancestors Memorial Garden, spread out with untold stories. The memorial garden represents the point where the first African slaves entered the US.  

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Exhibition Galleries at the International African American Museum

In the International African American Museum, you’ll find 12 permanent exhibitions and 9 galleries. It has a Special Exhibitions Gallery rotating between two to three exhibitions annually. 

Among others, the International African American Museum has an ongoing series of digital exhibitions you can access on the Google Arts & Culture platform.

The museum’s leading exhibition has 150 historical items you should see with your family and friends. You’ll also see the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean through art, as though you’re viewing the real deal.  

You’ll also be exposed to African ethnolinguistic groups and the 18th-century Islamic Astrolabe

Moreover, you can’t visit the International African American Museum without a tour to the Memories of the Enslaved Gallery. You’ll not only see but experience the happenings of the slave trade like you were there.

While not all history about the African American struggle is recorded, the Creative Journey exhibition portrays the untold history through art you can locate in various sections throughout each gallery. 

You’ll see various artworks, including poems, films, creative materials, and paintings, placed in the International African American Museum. 

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The South Carolina Connections gallery exhibits stories from past influential residents on a local and international scale. A focus of the South Carolina Connections Gallery is the history of African Americans and South Carolina.

For those of you who’d prefer history told in a video in addition to images and photographs, the Theater Gallery gives you that option. 

Apart from the exhibitions and gallery, you can attend faith-based events at the museum. 

There are outdoor and indoor spaces available between $450 to $10,000. How about you hold your upcoming poetry night here?

How to Visit the International African American Museum

Like most establishments, you need to make reservations and get advanced-timed tickets. You can also register as a member. As a member, you’ll join like-minded individuals to share the rich experience of African Americans. 

Find out more about the International African American membership here. Guess what? There are items in the museum you can buy at the shop. 

The International African American Museum is working on operating an online shop soon.  

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It’s the International African American Museum’s goal to inspire, educate, and inform visitors about black American history. In the end, you’ll leave with a broad understanding of the trauma, truth, and triumph of the recorded history of the African-American experience from generation to generation. 

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