These 40 ‘Thanksgiving With Black Families Memes’ Are Freaking Hilarious


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Thanksgiving is one ‘spicy’ time of the year for black folks. It is one holiday no one wants to miss, especially Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving with black families has always been a vibe, starting with the food, no one messes with the Mac-n-cheese, reunion with family members, and prayers. And let’s not leave out the drama and shady clapbacks

In the end, Thanksgiving is worth looking forward to. With this special event only 2 weeks away,  we have compiled 40 Thanksgiving with black families memes, and I’m sure they’re scenarios you’d relate to. Get ready for a good laugh!

These 40 ‘Thanksgiving with Black Families Memes’ Are Freaking Hilarious

  1.  Just tryna make sure, cause everything has to be in place. 
  1. If the food is ready, then I am!
  1. In times like this, patience is indeed a virtue. 
  1. No one is going scot-free! 😂
  1. Why me?😭
  1. Thanksgiving definitely leaves you stocked up for the rest of the month and more!
  1. New year, new faces? 💀
  1. All ’em hungry uncles! 😂
  1. Definitely!
  1. Nothing else, Ma’am. 😌
  1. No way that joy isn’t contagious!
  1.  Don’t say another word!! 😂
  1. Shush!
  1. Meeting with your cousins is the best part about Thanksgiving – after the food, of course. 💀
  1. Well, you didn’t hear this from me!
  1. Talking about Thanksgiving Clapbacks. 💀
  1. I wouldn’t advise you to take that route though. 😂
  1. Cousins are the realest, for sure! 
  1. We don’t try new things for Thanksgiving!! 😭
  1. How? 😨 Worse still if you come late. 
  1. Stacking my stomach before the fridge. 
  1. It ain’t fair to granny!
  1. Return ’em, ASAP! 😂
  1. And parents come up with all the excuses why you shouldn’t spend the night. 😂
  1.  That’s harsh, but permissible. 😂 
  1. Sure! We don’t want no amateur-made Mac-n-cheese. 
  1. Then you look through the dishes to find a reason not to eat. 
  1. We’re here to eat! 
  1. Well, look what we have here.
  1. Am I talking to somebody? 💀
  1. I’d say, relax and enjoy a good meat! (No offence to the Vegetarians!)
  1. No way the tears wouldn’t be real! 😂😭
  1. Does this happen at every thanksgiving?
  1. Know this and know peace!
  1.  Don’t try me, Louise! 
  1.  If you don’t end Thanksgiving dinner like this, then you weren’t there! 😂
  1. Now, I want to hear from you. Leave your comments below!

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Shalom Ngbala-Okpabi
Shalom Ngbala-Okpabi
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