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7 Best Spas in Kingston Jamaica to Explore

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There’s nothing better than a good massage after a long week or day at work. It helps you relieve tension and gives you a feeling of relaxation; plus makes you feel rejuvenated. Knowing where to go for a massage is important because it will influence the kind of experience you have. In this post, we share the best spas in Kingston Jamaica.

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Adam and Eve Day Spa

Adam and Eve is one of the spas in Kingston Jamaica, you should plan to visit. It’s located at 56 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5, and has everything you want in a spa. Whether you have an upcoming wedding, are pregnant, or want to go for a spa date with your teen, this is the best place. They have different packages, and the services range from food & beverages, hair & salon, to nail care. 

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Bella Oasis Day Spa

Located at 2A Hillcrest Avenue, Bella Oasis Day Spa is one of the best spas in Kingston, Jamaica. It prides itself in having a serene garden that offers an alternate place for doing your massage. 

Bella Oasis Day Spa aims to remind you about the beauty and simplicity of life. Aside from the full body massage, you can also get facial, hair, and skin care services. If you’re looking for a place to destress, consider visiting this spa.

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Rejuvenation Spa & Salon

This Spa in Kingston, Jamaica, will provide an experience like no other. From body wraps, body peels, back massages, and basic facial and bikini waxing, you have a variety of care you can choose from. Rejuvenation Spa & Salon is unisex, which means you can plan a spa date. You can find it at Shop 22, Liguanea Post Mall, 115 Hope Road, Kingston 6.

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Strawberry Hill Spa

One of the best things about Strawberry Hill Spa is that they tailor the massage around your particular needs and wants. They do this by asking you to fill out a questionnaire on arrival. 

The facility does Ayurveda treatments and aromatherapy to take the stress away. You can book yourself into different types of rooms and partake in other activities like yoga and wellness treks. Strawberry Hill Spa is located at New Castle Road B1, St. Andrew, Jamaica. 

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Spanish Court Hotel

If you’re traveling and looking for accommodation, the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica, should be your destination. Apart from the other hotel services, you’ll benefit from its spa facility. With all its resources, you’ll have a great time unwinding. Afterward, you can grab something to eat at the restaurant.

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Shays Day Spa

The reason why you should go to Shays Day Spa in Kingston, Jamaica, is that they’re intentional about caring for your body, mind, and soul. Their therapists are oncology-trained, meaning they understand how their routines affect cancer patients. That said, the facility tends to anyone. Shays Day Spa is located at 25 Annette Crescent, Suite 2-3, Kingston 10. Before you go, make sure you book an appointment.

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Tranquility Spa

Looking to be pampered? Consider Tranquility Salon & Spa at 2 Annette Crescent, Kingston, Jamaica. Get a massage, facial, or wax. The spa specializes in eczema control, depression management, chronic pain relief, and acne care, providing clients with a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. If you suffer from any of these things, head to Tranquility Spa. 

These are some of the best spas in Kingston, Jamaica. Whenever you need to slow things down from the daily grind, you now know some of the spas you can go to.    

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