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Francis Ngannou’s Net Worth: Rise From Poverty to the Top of MMA


Francis Ngannou has established himself as one of the top fighters in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). His top-billed fight against Tyson Fury demonstrated he can go toe-to-toe with anyone. That said, his meteoric rise is down to hard work and dedication. The Cameroonian-French fighter didn’t have it easy, but now, he can afford most things. What’s Francis Ngannou’s net worth? Keep reading to find out.

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Francis Ngannou’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Francis Ngannou’s net worth is estimated at $15 million. MMA is his primary source of income. He currently fights in the PFL and was previously contracted by the UFC. Additionally, endorsement deals, sponsorship, and investments add to his income.


This is one of the largest contributors to Francis Ngannou’s net worth. A big share of his salary comes from his matches. At the PFL, he earns based on Pay-Per-View (PPV) while in the UFC, he had a base pay of $500,000 plus PPV, bringing his total earnings close to $1 million per fight. 

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Pay Per Fight

The fighter has made a significant amount of money since he turned professional in 2013. His last six fights between 2019 and 2023 generated about $12 million. His latest fight against Tyson Fury earned him the most money in his career. According to Fury, Ngannou reportedly took home $10 million while he pocketed $50 million.

Here’s a breakdown of his earnings:

  • Francis Ngannou vs Claine Velasquez – $225,000.
  • Francis Ngannou vs Junior dos Santos – $300,000.
  • Francis Ngannou vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik – $320,000.
  • Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic 2 – $580,000.
  • Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane – $600,000.

*Figures from Sporting News

Endorsement Deals

Francis Ngannou’s net worth is further strengthened by brand deals. Although the cost of these deals remains unknown, he’s likely making a significant amount. He’s partnered with:


The fighter knows what living with scarce resources feels like, so he’s spending his wealth wisely. Ngannou has several investments, including PeaTos where he’s a shareholder. Additionally, his deal in the PFL made him a minority equity owner in the company.

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Francis Ngannou’s net worth allows him to afford any vehicle he wants. His collection puts most garages to shame. It includes:

Figures from Essentially Sports

Overview of Francis Ngannou’s Career

The fighter was born in Cameroon and raised by his aunt after his parents divorced. His family had few resources and couldn’t provide an education for him. As a result, he earned money working in a mine. His aspiration to be a boxer stemmed from his father, who built his reputation as a street fighter.

His family didn’t want him to pursue boxing. Nonetheless, he did, but illness slowed him down. When he overcame that, he decided to go to France to pursue boxing

When he arrived in Europe, Ngannou was arrested for illegally crossing the border. After his release, the aspiring boxer slept on the streets until he met a boxing coach, Didier Carmont. 

He helped him receive training at no cost in a local gym. There, they introduced and convinced Ngannou to pursue MMA. 

Going Professional

In 2013, Ngannou started his professional journey in the French promotion. Two years later, he debuted in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). During his time here, he fought against:

In 2023, Ngannou left the UFC a year after his last fight. However, he failed to reach a contract extension with the UFC because they refused to give fighters health insurance and allow them to get sponsorship deals. 

His eventual departure was necessitated by the UFC stripping him of his title. In May 2023, he signed a deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). 

Francis Ngannou’s net worth may continue to rise. He’s one of the most prominent fighters in the PFL. His investments and other dealings contribute substantially to his wealth. He has talked about his intention to invest back in his community in Cameroon. 

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