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African Food: How to Eat African Fufu


Have you ever wondered how to eat Fufu properly? Most people serve fufu as an accompaniment to soups, stews, or sauces. 

Eating fufu is a hands-on experience, typically rolled into small balls and used to scoop up the accompanying sauce. 

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8 Steps on How to Eat African Fufu Correctly

Wash your hands and watch a video on how to eat African fufu properly.

The method of eating fufu may vary slightly depending on the country and the type of fufu being served. Here’s a general guide on how to eat African fufu:

1. Wash Your Hands: Before eating, wash your hands thoroughly to maintain proper hygiene.

2. Choose the Sauce or Soup: You can serve fufu with a variety of sauces or soups, such as peanut soup, groundnut soup, palm nut soup, okra soup, or egusi soup. Select the sauce you want to accompany your fufu.

3. Form a Ball: Take a small portion of the fufu and roll it into a smooth, round ball using your fingers. The size of the ball may vary depending on your preference, but it’s typically about the size of a golf ball.

4. Make a Thumb Indentation: With your thumb, create a small indentation or well in the center of the fufu ball. This will create a scoop for the sauce.

5. Dip into the Sauce: Take the fufu ball and dip it into the sauce or soup. The indentation you made earlier will help it hold the sauce. Some people like to make a bigger indentation to hold more sauce, while others prefer a smaller one to avoid spillage.

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6. Scoop and Eat: Lift the fufu ball with the sauce using your fingers and thumb. Bring it close to your mouth and use your thumb to push the fufu into your mouth while scooping up some of the sauce. Avoid using your lips to touch the fufu directly; some cultures consider it impolite.

7. Repeat: Continue forming fufu balls and scooping up the sauce until you have finished your meal. Fufu is often quite filling, so take your time and enjoy the flavors.

8. Wash Hands Again: After eating, wash your hands again to clean off any remaining sauce or fufu residue.

Remember that eating fufu is a communal experience in many African cultures. It is often shared from a common bowl, and people may take turns scooping up fufu and sauce. 

The video on how to eat African fufu is courtesy of Chicago Tribune Youtube Channel narrated by Monica Eng a Play reporter and taken step by step how to eat fufu by Emmanuel Abidemi from Bolat Restaurants

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