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World Television Day: The Pros and Cons of TV Watching Among African American Kids


World Television Day is marked to celebrate the significance of television in day-to-day life. Its invention in 1927 changed the world. Over the years, the television has evolved from black & white to color, from the big box to flat panels, plus the modern TVs can be connected to the internet. 

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That said, moderate consumption of television is advisable, and too much can have devastating effects on your child’s growth and development. In this article, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of TV watching.

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Advantages of TV Watching

Observing World Television Day will teach you the positive aspects of watching television. Here’s why you should allow your kids to have some TV time:

The video explains the advantages of watching TV. Video Credit: Interview Questions

Developing Social Skills

Kids learn through observation, which is why they’re taught using tangible objects. Television presents a great opportunity for them to see and mimic the actions of the characters. This way, they can use that when playing with their peers.


A wide selection of programs will teach your kids basic concepts like alphabet, numbers, songs, and identifying objects. You can also let them watch documentaries about nature that’ll help them understand various aspects of it.

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Make Friends

Television can help your child make friends because they’re likely to attract other kids who watch the same shows. Talking about it and even inviting one another to their respective houses to watch the shows creates a solid bond.

Aids Relaxation

Watching TV. Source: Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

Television can help your kids relax after a long day in school or outdoor play. If used in moderation, it’s a good way to destress.

Spending Time With Family

You can bond with your kids through television. Setting up a day where you all watch a movie or a series that’s family-friendly gives you something to talk about. You can also use these opportunities to teach your kids and understand what’s happening in their lives.

Expand their World View

Television is a great way for your kids to learn about other cultures and people. It also lets them learn about different countries they might not have visited or probably won’t visit. 

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Disadvantages of TV Watching

World Television Day also sensitizes people against spending too much time in front of the big box. As entertaining as it is, you must practise restraint and let your kids know they can spend endless hours binging on their favorite shows. Here’s why.

The video explains the disadvantages of watching TV. Video Credit: Interview Questions


If you don’t limit your kid’s screen time, it might cause an addiction that’ll make it difficult for them to be productive. According to KidsHealth.Org:

  • Toddlers and babies under 18 months should have screen time.
  • Between 18 and 24 months, little screen time with a caregiver present. 
  • Nursery-going kids should watch TV for an hour a day with a caregiver present.
  • Between 5 and 18 years, a caregiver should determine how much time the kids should watch TV.

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Affects Productivity

If your kid is glued to the television 24/7, they’ll miss out on other activities that are beneficial for their growth. They might fail to achieve their academic milestones, have poor social skills, and miss out on friendships.

Develop Obesity

Letting your child sit in front of the television for endless hours may lead to obesity. This is because they’re sitting for extended periods without much exercise. 

Exposes Your Child to Inappropriate Content

Much effort has been made to regulate the type of content kids are exposed to. However, these measures don’t fully bar kids from watching adult content. Some of it pops up unexpectedly, especially if your kids are watching YouTube on TV. At times, inappropriate advertisements can show up on screen on regular programming.

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Leads to Poor Sleep

The blue light television emits affects the quality of sleep your kid gets. It sends signals to the brain that keep them awake and thus struggle to fall asleep. As such, avoid screen time before putting your kids to sleep.

Stifles Creativity

If your child is only exposed to the television, it prevents them from coming up with new ideas. They’ll struggle to think beyond what they see on screen because they aren’t spending time outside exploring.

During World Television Day, you should take time to teach your kids the benefits and drawbacks of watching TV. It’s also a good time for you to have conversations about screen time and check up on what they’re watching. 

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