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These 7 Self-Limiting Beliefs Are Holding Back Your Success and Joy

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Have you ever prepared so hard for something, only to stop at some point because you think you are not good enough? Or do you often tell yourself you do not deserve happiness because you feel most people are much better and fit than you are?

Those thoughts —those tiny, unsettling thoughts—are frequently restraints meant to prevent you from progressing past your current level. Such limiting beliefs keep you in a gloomy place, shrink your spirit, ruin your relationships, career, and personal fulfillment, and prevent you from ever experiencing the exciting aspects of life. 

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Fortunately, they are also simple to detect and eliminate before they have a negative impact on your life. In this article, we will discuss some self-limiting beliefs that you may have and how to overcome them.

What are self-limiting beliefs? 

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We all have deeply held beliefs or assumptions about who we are and how the world works. However, some of these beliefs are irrational thoughts that hold us back from achieving our true potential. They are called Self-limiting beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs often stem from negative experiences in the past, but they continue to hurt us in the present. If you want to become more successful, it’s time to ditch these unhelpful thoughts and embrace more positive ones instead.

Here are 7 Self-limiting Beliefs You Need to Ditch if You Want to Live a Successful Life

  1. “I don’t trust people.”

The “I don’t trust people” mindset is a typical limiting belief that could originate from your prior experiences, such as when a close friend or family member betrayed or misled you. Due to your negative perception of other people, limiting ideas like this can make it challenging to develop new friendships or sustain good relationships.

  1. Not trying is better than failure.”

This self-limiting belief sets you up for backwardness. It cripples you with fear and never lets you get the opportunity to prove yourself.  You unintentionally give your spotlight to others when you do this and end up with hopeless dreams and regret.

  1. I don’t have enough experience.

This belief is the thief of opportunities and one you shouldn’t give a chance to. It makes you think taking longer would make you overprepared.  When in fact, no amount of preparation would ever make you prepared enough. It fills your mind with doubts and anxiety and gets you overly worked up. 

  1. “I’m too Old.”
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You want to take on that new course or skill, but this self-limiting belief tells you otherwise. It makes situations look worse than they seem and pushes you to look down on yourself and focus on less.

  1. “No one will support or encourage me.”

This limiting belief steals your happiness and makes you feel you’re all by yourself in the world. It creates doubts and creates gaps in your relationships with your loved ones.

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  1. “I’m too fat or “too skinny… too tall or too short.”

It is challenging to love yourself if you do not respect your physical appearance. At some point, you start caring more about the world’s opinion and eventually forsake other beautiful things in life to get their ideal definition of the perfect shape or size. Most of the time, you end up feeling depressed because the truth is, if you don’t think you’re good enough for yourself, you’ll never be good enough for them.

  1. “I just have bad luck.”

This belief makes you feel rejected and keeps you away from the world. You keep away from people and relationships and close the door to new opportunities.

Many other self-limiting beliefs can hold you back from achieving success. Some of these beliefs include:

  • Being afraid to fail
  • Not believing that you’re worthy of success
  • Having unhealthy beliefs about money
  • Letting other people’s opinions hold you back. 

How to Overcome Self-limiting Beliefs

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These types of beliefs come from a place of fear, and everyone has them. The goal is to learn how to identify and combat limiting beliefs so they don’t prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone. 

Here’s how you can overcome these self-limiting beliefs:

  1. First, make a list of all your beliefs.
  2. Access them carefully
  3. Strike out the negative beliefs you have
  4. Challenge those negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones
  5. Speak those positive thoughts out loud daily
  6. Don’t ever give up.

When you do this, you can finally be free from the self-limiting beliefs holding you back from being prosperous and joyful.

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