45 of the Funniest Tweets from Black People Twitter


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Twitter is a great place to get a snapshot of what black people talk about on any given day. Between hilarious memes and clever observations, they always provide great content. So if you’re not following black people on Twitter, you’re missing out. 

To help you catch up on the fun you may have missed, we have compiled some of the funniest tweets from #Blackpeopletwitter. Scroll down for some good laughs! 

Check out these 45  funniest tweets from Black People Twitter

#1.  Will he be crying because he’ll feel sorry for us or because he won’t be able to comprehend all we’re going through?

#2.  Now you asked for it.💀 Speaking of Halloween, check out some high-tech Halloween decorations here.



#5. Oh my goodness, this is so wrong.

#7. Apparently, she understood the assignment.😂


#9. Who else feels this way about school?

#10.   We could say she burnt it to a 3rd degree and it “backfired.”😂

#11. How about next year?🤣



#13.  Every Black mom can relate to this.

#14. Now, aren’t we all like this? 💀

#15. Children will literally drive you insane😂

#16. TBH, we need to get our priorities right.

#17. Now, why the hell is there a  cockroach in your pocket?!😂



#20. This shouldn’t make any sense but somehow it does.😂



#23. Black people, twitter is not an app. Please!😂




#27. Who else feels attacked?😂



#30. But seriously, does this fix anything?





#35. Black people play about a lot of things but we don’t joke with our money😂





#40. Before I freeze to death


#42. Absolutely ridiculous! Ladies in the house, what’s your take on this?



#45. You just can’t get enough.

What cranked you up the most? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

What’s your Reaction?
Mary Gialiam Elijah
Mary Gialiam Elijah
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