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World Day of War Orphans: How You Can Advocate for Children’s Rights


If you have never experienced war, or if it has never affected you or people you know, then World Day of War Orphans could be new to you. But it doesn’t have to be.

Celebrated on January 6 annually, the World Day of War Orphans reminds us to wear our humanity coats, care for orphaned children even in the worst circumstances, and address the traumatic experiences they face. 

Approximately 140 million children were orphaned in 2015, including more than 61 million in Asia, 52 million in Africa, 10 million in Latin America, and more than 7 million in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. These victims were mostly civilians.

This year’s theme for World Day of War Orphans is Orphans Lives Matter, an indication that children worldwide who’ve lost one or both parents deserve our love, care, and attention.

If you want to be part of the World Day of War Orphans and advocate for children’s rights, below are a few ideas on how to make a difference for war orphans.

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5 Ways to Support World Day of War Orphans

Donate to a War Orphanage

One way to make World Day of War Orphans is to donate to a war orphanage around you. Your donations, in kind or cash, will go a long way toward helping children who’ve lost a parent in terms of their upkeep, education, health, and shelter. 

Some of these orphanages include:

  • SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children Village is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ensuring children and young people do not lose care due to absent parents. The organisation has various villages around the world, providing children and young people with love, support, and relationships that will help them grow into strong individuals.

  • Children and War Foundation

As part of its mission to improve children’s lives after wars and disasters, the Children and War Foundation was founded as a non-profit organization. As a result of the Foundation’s interventions, the NGO reaches large groups of children after wars and disasters. This includes children at high risk who are identified within a short period following trauma.

Spend Time with Children

You can identify war orphanages around you and dedicate some time to interact with the children. Living and listening to them tells them people like you care about them and are willing to support them in diverse ways. 

It also builds connections with the children. Your presents serve as reliable adults or people they can count on outside the orphanage.

Advocate for Rights of Orphaned Children

Video source: CGTN– YouTube

The rights of victims of war, such as children, can be ignored or abused by some people. In this light, you can do something about the phenomenon through advocacy. 

Holding seminars virtually or in-person on war orphans to educate the public can help bridge the gap.

Moreover, advocates for the right to education, health, shelter, and belonging to these children who may be abused in the absence of their parents.

Spread Awareness

You can spread awareness through channels such as your social media handles or groups on Facebook, X, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp. Spreading awareness of war orphans can help inform people who may not be aware of the campaign to support and lift these children.

Call for Sponsorships

World Day of War Orphans goes beyond a day. Activities include feeding, education, and providing for health needs. You can sponsor a child in your community or call on your loved ones, friends, and family to invest in these vulnerable children

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World Day of War Orphans recognize vulnerable children who are victims of war around the world. The day is to shed light and raise awareness of their circumstances, needs, and rights. You can be part of this campaign!

Video source: CGTN–YouTube

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