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World AIDS Day: How to Celebrate With Your African American Friends


On 1 December every year, the world marks World AIDS Day. People worldwide unite to support individuals living with and affected by HIV. It’s also a day to remember people who lost their lives to AIDS. This article will explore the celebration in detail and guide you on how to celebrate with African American friends.

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Overview of World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day Discussion. Video Credit: @hivgov YouTube Channel

Each World AIDS Day has its theme. This year, the United States government chose the theme “World AIDS Day 35: Remember and Commit.” This theme is an opportunity to review the progress made so far and to focus on the things needed to remove HIV/AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.

The World AIDS Day was established in 1988. It’s the first world’s day for international health. Each year, government bodies, United Nations agencies, and civil society join forces to campaign around a particular relating to HIV/AIDS. 

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How People Worldwide Celebrate World AIDS Day

Many activities take place on December 1 during the celebration. Here are a few common ways the celebration is marked:

  • Awareness campaigns and activities take place across the globe.
  • People wear a red ribbon, the universal symbol of support, awareness, and solidarity with people living with HIV/Aids. The ribbon is available on Amazon
  • People affected with HIV/Aids speak their minds regarding their life and health concerns.
  • Organizations and Civil Groups raise funds for HIV/Aids initiatives.
  • Health Organizations, government, and civil groups organize seminars to educate people about HIV/Aids. 

World HIV/ AIDS Day is still very important as it has been since its establishment. It’s a time to remind people, communities, and the government that HIV/Aids hasn’t gone away. 

There’s still a great need to increase awareness of the impact of illness on people’s lives. Discrimination among those living with the virus also needs to end to improve the quality of lives of those affected by it. 

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Ways to Mark World AIDS Day With Your African American Friends 

Black Community World AIDS Day Discussion. Video Credit: @Wfaa8 YouTube Channel

There are many ways to celebrate World AIDS Day as an African American. Here are the four common ways to participate in this year’s celebration:

Share Important Resources About the Celebration

People within your circle and community need to learn more about HIV/AIDS. And the celebration period is the perfect time to help them learn about the disease. 

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You can help by sharing helpful materials from government agencies and other non-governmental bodies promoting the event. The website is among the places to find helpful resources to share with people. 

When you visit their awareness day events page, you’ll find links to videos, blogs, and other helpful resources you can share with people. 

Create Awareness

People need to know about the program so they can also participate. This means that you need to talk about the program. You can get branded t-shirts on Amazon or even talk about the event on your social media platforms. Additionally, you can also use the event’s hashtags to increase invisibility

Donate Funds

Another way to celebrate the day is to support organizations that are committed to improving the quality of life of those living with HIV/AIDS. You can show your support by donating funds to help them make more impact. 

AIDS is a dreadful disease. Those living with it need our support and encouragement. World AIDS Day is a special time to join the movement and show your support in any way you can. Don’t forget to get your celebration materials from Amazon

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