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Screen Time and Child Development: What Black Parents Should Know

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With technology and media becoming prevalent among children, there’s a significant concern about the effects of screen time on child development. Although technology provides various advantages it also brings about concerns for parents.

For Black parents, understanding the influence of screen time on the development of their children is of utmost importance. You’ll learn the specific considerations that black parents should consider regarding screen time and its effects on your child development in this post.

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Understanding the Basics 

Before delving into the topic, let’s establish a common understanding of screen time.

Screen time is the amount of time children spend interacting with screens.

Your child’s screen time may include playing video games, using smartphones or tablets, browsing the internet and watching TV.

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The Importance of Balance

While screens can provide educational and entertainment opportunities, excessive screen time can have adverse effects on child development.

Black parents should establish a clear balance between screen time and other activities that promote physical, social and emotional well being.

Cultural Representation in Media

Representation matters. As a black parent, you should be mindful of the media your children consume. The content they engage with should reflect their culture and identity.

Limiting Exposure to Negative Stereotypes

screen time and child development
A daughter and father having fun together and playing with digital tablet at home. Freepik

Unfortunately, the media often perpetuates negative stereotypes about Black individuals. Don’t be hard but be vigilant about what content your child consumes.

Engaging in an open discussion with your child about any negative stereotypes they might come across will help them develop critical thinking skills to challenge such narratives.

Screen Time and Your Child’s Mental Health

There’s no doubt that excessive screen time can have an impact on your child’s mental health. Black children may be particularly vulnerable due to the prevalence of racial discrimination and systemic inequalities.

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Below are some key points to consider as a black parent: 

Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

Cyberbullying and online harassment is real and black children may be a target which can negatively impact their mental health. As a black parent, you should encourage open relationship with your child and educate them about online safety measures.

Social Isolation

Excessive screen time can lead to social isolation, affecting a child’s ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships. Limit their screen time by encouraging your child to engage in offline activities. Some of these offline activities include sports, hobbies, and community involvement, to foster social connections.

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Mental Health Support

Be attentive to signs of mental health issues in your child, such as anxiety, depression, or withdrawal. Seek professional help if needed, and prioritize their mental well-being over screen time.

Promoting Healthy Screen Time Habits

screen time and child development
Young girls spending time at home. Freepik

Now that we understand the potential challenges, let’s explore ways to promote healthy screen time habits for our children:

Set Clear Boundaries 

Establish clear rules regarding screen time limits and communicate them effectively to your child. Schedule screen time and other activities such as outdoor play, reading and family time for them. You shouldn’t be over restrictive though.

Engage in Co-Viewing

Watch and discuss media content with your child to help you to have an idea the content being conveyed and engage in critical discussions about what they are watching.

Encourage Active Screen Time

Encourage your child to engage in interactive and educational screen time activities, such as age-appropriate apps, educational games, and creative platforms.

It promotes learning and cognitive development.

Be a Role Model 

Children learn by observing their parents’ behavior. As a Black parent you should be mindful of your screen time habits and model good behavior by limiting your usage and engaging in other healthy activities. Become a role model that your child can emulate.

Tailor screen time guidelines to every child’s needs as their development is unique.

You should be actively involved and engaged to help your children navigate the digital world while embracing their cultural identity and fostering positive development. Set boundaries and prioritize mental health to ensure that your children have a healthy relationship with screens.

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