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10 Amazing Hotels in Lalibela Ethiopia to Give You a Taste of Africa

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You should book one of the popular hotels in Lalibela, Ethiopia if you’re planning to explore its rock-hewn churches. Lalibela is a town in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia, around the North Wollo Zone and Lasta district. 

The monolithic churches, rock-cut into the rock, are a popular tourist attraction. Several important Ethiopian civilizations have flourished in the area, including those of antiquity, medieval, and post-medieval.

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Due to the growing popularity of Lalibela as a perfect location and the need for quality accommodation options, we’ve curated ten hotels in Lalibela, Ethiopia you should experience the next time you visit.

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Top Hotels in Lalibela Ethiopia

Maribela Hotel

Video source: Maribela Hotel

Maribela Hotel is one of the top hotels in Lalibela, Ethiopia. It has mountain views and family-size rooms for everyone. You’ll love the room service, private area, and exceptional hotel staff.

The clean rooms are of high modern standard with enchanted, beautiful interiors, and the staff is always available to render their generosity and take care of you, your group, or your family. 

You’ll fall in love with the diverse and tasty local and continental dishes of the restaurant, which are esthetically arranged. 

There are occasional services like traditional dance performances for guests and coffee ceremonies. You’ll appreciate the tour guides who’ll take you around the great churches and the village on moderate fees. The hotel also has the advantage of recreational amenities.

The best news is this hotel is near the Lalibela airport.  Your reservation is subject to free cancellation if it’s done 48 hours before their scheduled arrival. 

Other related services include the following:

  • Concierge
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Free Parking
  • Free Breakfast
  • Laundry Service
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • Free High-Speed WiFi
  • Airport Transfer Services

Sora Lodge

Video source: Habesha Traveler–YouTube

This is a 4.5-star hotel in Lalibela with an excellent location for sightseeing, recreation, dining, and getting around. The front desk welcomes you with warm smiles.

The hotel has rock-hewn family rooms that have amazing views and beautiful decorations. Sora Lodge has Tukul rooms overlooking the valley, and the sunrise and sunset are amazing right from your porch.

The sunset bar and the restaurant also have wonderful views and pleasant staff. You’ll love the food at the restaurant, prepared with fresh vegetables from the hotel’s farm.

The lodge has gardens and play areas for kids, creating a beautiful environment for family vacations.  It also has a spa offering massages,  including free cancellation and free wifi.

Mountain View Hotel Lalibela

Video source: Alain JEAN–YouTube

Lodging at the Mountain View Hotel is like making excellent memories for life.

Mountain View Hotel is situated in an amazing location overlooking the entire mountain and valley vista of Lalibela. It’s also within walking distance of local shops and restaurants. They have great staff who are friendly, warm, customer-centered, and accommodating. 

It has multiple outdoor terraces and a large, clean, and airy common space where you can sit to interact with family and friends and make new contacts. 

The hotel is a few steps away from the rock-hewn churches you’ll love to visit.  

Mezena Resort and Spa

Video source: Daniel Hailemariam–YouTube

This hotel is a beautiful lodge on top of a mountain, surrounded by all kinds of plants and trees.

It has clean, spacious rooms with great views. Mezena Resort and Spa has the nicest staff you could ever find in Ethiopia. 

Services in Mezana are customer-centric, to the extent of surpassing expectations. The staff go above and beyond. If you have children, don’t worry; the staff is very good with them!

The hotel has a modern Spa, including a sauna and steam room. It has a large outdoor pool in progress and a free and safe jogging area.

You can book rooms at an average price.

Top Twelve Hotel

Video source: Judy – Ann Hines–YouTube

Top Twelve Hotel is number 1 among the top 10 small hotels in Lalibela, Ethiopia, with a 4.5-star rating. According to its name, the hotel has 12 rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Standing on the balconies, you’ll have a breathtaking view all over the valley and the mountains, especially at sunset. 

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The staff are welcoming, warm and friendly. There are various dishes you’ll love, including the recommendation for tour guides through the historic churches. You can explore the town a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Luxury Hotels in Lalibela Ethiopia

Holidays Hotel Lalibela 

Also called Homey Lalibela, this hotel is among the top picks for couples and family vacations. It’s a 4.9-star hotel with a spectacular view of the mountains. The rooms are clean with hearty staff to serve you.

The Holiday Hotel sits right on the main street in Lalibela, with the Timket parades passing in front of it. So it’s not quiet. However, the garden is peaceful and serene if you’re looking for a quiet moment.

The dishes are ideal for vegans in general and you’ll love that they’re cooked fresh anytime. It also offers guide services, especially if you want to organize a last-minute visit.

Lalibela Lodge

Video source: African Safari Group–YouTube

This lodge is a great place to stay with family, friends, or groups. The rooms are big and comfortable with large bathrooms. The staff are friendly and pay great attention to your needs. There’s a breathtaking panoramic view of the town and area from the hotel. 

The management is very helpful and friendly in serving you local coffee. You could also request a tour of the churches and sip local coffee and fresh juice.

There are optional larger rooms and large bathrooms for your comfort and luxury at the lowest price. 

Panoramic View Hotel

Video source: PanoramicVIEWHotel–YouTube 

This luxury hotel in Lalibela is 10-minute walk from the famous rock-hewn Lalibela churches. There’s a great view from the hotel, a real panorama you’ll never forget. On the top floor is a viewing terrace that gives an incredible view of the country, and perhaps, beyond. 

The food is excellent, with an authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony experience you’ll love to take back home.

The absence of television, the internet, and the wonderful panoramic view from every room ensure you enjoy your every day from distractions. And oh! You’ll love the magnificent sunsets over the valley from your private balcony!

Other services include:

  • Lounge
  • Service in hotel
  • Comfortable bed
  • Excellent kitchen
  • Hot water at any time
  • Traditional and international food
  • Amazing view of Abisynia Highlands

Tukul Village

Video source: Dejene Ethiopia Tours–YouTube

Tukul Village is a favourite place to stay while visiting Lalibela. This village is one of the luxurious hotels in Lalibela Ethiopia with a lovely atmosphere due to stunning gardens. The rooms are like traditional offices, with clean and hot water.

The garden is a relaxing and tranquil place to stay, one of the best hotel deals in Takul Village. You may be lucky enough to have some friendly monkeys visiting sometimes in the gardens.

The staff are very friendly and can organize anything you need, including the restaurant offering fresh meals and exploring travel sites. You can walk out and explore gift shops or visit the rock churches.

Harbe Hotel

Video Source: Lij Selam–YouTube

Harbe Hotel is a quiet and relaxing Lalibela accommodation to stay at. The environment is clean, warm, and welcoming, with a healthy breakfast. There are restaurants near the hotel you can patronize for lunch or dinner. 

The rooms are well furnished, with reliable hot water in the bathroom. Balconies in every room look out at the hills with fascinating greens. The menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is local and European soul food that could grant you enough energy for your tours across the city. 

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You can explore these amazing hotels in Lalibela, Ethiopia for your holiday vacation. Don’t forget to visit the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. You can visit the various websites and social media handles for the latest prices.  

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