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Celebrating Black Excellence: Remarkable Rick Ross Collaborations With African Artists

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Rick Ross’ collaboration with African artists showcases his versatility and global appeal. He captivates audiences worldwide with his distinctive style, captivating lyrics, and undeniable success. 

Collaborations between Ross and African musicians have spanned cultural boundaries and united both cultures. Rick’s unwavering commitment to exploring diverse musical landscapes, embracing various influences, and celebrating African music has resulted in a fusion of musical styles that resonate with listeners around the world.

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Check out these remarkable Rick Ross collaborations with African artists. Before we start, did you know “Hustlin” is Rick Ross’s breakthrough song?

The Remarkable Rick Ross Collaborations with African Artists

1. The Devil – Burna Boy ft Rick Ross

Burna Boy, a leading figure in Nigerian afrobeat, and Rick Ross, of American hip-hop, teamed up on the captivating song “The Devil.” The duo are dope performers with much talent.

With themes of greed, corruption, and the struggles people face in a world full of temptation, this stirring and thought-provoking song delves into societal issues. This hit represented the motherland.

“The Devil” fuses African and Western influences to create an intense musical experience that inspires listeners to consider the dark forces in society and the value of remaining true to oneself. It features Burna Boy’s contagious melodies and Rick Ross’s distinctive lyrical prowess.

2. Remix Beautiful Onyinye – Psquare ft Rick Ross

Popular Twin singers from Nigeria and breakdancers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, well known by their stage names Psquare, featured Rick Ross, an American rapper and songwriter,  on the remix of their hit song titled (Beautiful Onyinye) in 2012.  

The remix of “Beautiful Onyinye” was a novelty at the time, pushing Afropop to reach an undeniable level of acclaim internationally. The feature is indisputably beneficial on artistic and commercial levels.

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3. On My Gosh – Yemi Alade ft Rick Ross

Rick was also featured on Nigerian singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer Yemi Alade’s hit song, Oh My Gosh. 

With lyrics that would sway any woman who’s already in love, Rick’s lush verse on Yemi Alade’s “Oh My Gosh” complements Yemi’s boisterous energy. 

4. I Came I Saw – Kwesta ft Rick Ross

Rick Ross took his collaboration to South Africa, featuring  Kwesta on the song, “I Came, I Saw. ” This song celebrates the differences between the two artists as they share unique verses over a sample of Mujava’s “Township Funk.” 

The video was filmed in Kwesta’s hood, showcasing various performances by Kwesta and later Rick Ross, who arrives in a black Porsche while wearing his Air Forces. 

5. Live and Die in Afrika- Sauti Sol ft Rick Ross

Rick Ross decided to drop a verse on Sauti Sol’s song, “Live and Die in Afrika“, when he toured Nairobi. The band announced the good news via their Instagram page.

6. Waka- Diamond Platnumz ft Rick Ross

“Waka” is a hit done by Diamond Platnumz and United States rapper, Rick Ross. The East African singer has also done a song with Ne-Yo and Omarion.

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Rick Ross’s Feature With Other Black-Americans

What’s Free – Meek Mill ft Rick Ross & Jay Z 

Meek Mill is currently very much influenced by the idea of freedom after his release from prison. Although he is free on bond from jail or prison, he constantly worries that the smallest mistake could result in his return. 

Despite his fear, he hasn’t shied away from speaking the truth to power as a supporter of criminal justice system reform. 

He reiterates the message he has been expressing on platforms like the New York Times and “Ellen” through his song “What’s Free,” which he collaborated on with JAY-Z and Maybach Music CEO Rick Ross. But now he conveys it to listeners in the way he is most comfortable and skilled: through bars.

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All I Want – Chris Brown ft Meek Mill & Rick Ross

“All I Want” was originally leaked online in March 2016, featuring a verse from Meek Mill and a chorus and bridge by Chris Brown. A new version of the track found its way online in September 2018, including new verses from Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Chris.

The feature deftly combines R&B and hip-hop elements, showcasing the distinctive styles and undeniable chemistry of the renowned performers. 

The track delivers a high-energy anthem with catchy hooks, infectious melodies, and confident lyrics, expressing their desires for success, wealth, and the finer things in life. It features the smooth vocals of Chris Brown, the gritty verses of Meek Mill, and the commanding presence of Rick Ross. 

The song “All I Want” is a thrilling addition to each artist’s discography and a testament to how talented they are as artists. 

Without a doubt, Rick has collaborations with artists from parts of Africa. Besides, he has done the same with enough American artists. He wanted to go out to places where the police don’t reach, especially the slums. His desire to show love to those who had been repping him, family members, and all real brand ambassadors.

He decided to search for two artists in different part of Africa and sign them through Maybach Music Africa. Out of his Maybach Music Group, he has made an empire. Killer Mike was among those people who welcomed him in Angola to do this noble act. Jim Jones, Kevin Hart, The Rock and other celebrities applauded him in the comments section after he shared his tour.

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