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Top 5 Black-Owned Nail Salons in Brooklyn

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Let’s be honest: the Brooklyn lifestyle is eclectic. People are comfortable dressing the way they wish. You can walk down the street and find some really amazing fashion trends, and you can pull inspiration by looking at everyone. 

Presently, Brooklyn is booming black-owned nail salons that offer the best manicures and pedicures and inspire some serious décor pinning. Here, we’ve curated the top five black-owned nail salons in Brooklyn, New York, that have raised the manicures and pedicures bar. 

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Delilah Salon 

Delilah Salon logo. Image Source: Delilah Salon Website

Delilah Salon is a black-owned, cozy, and welcoming beauty salon that launched in 2006. The beauty house is at a former art gallery in Brooklyn. Delilah Salon is among the first beauty houses on Park Slope’s 4th Avenue. 

This salon is a workspace for talented and experienced beauty professionals. It’s one of the best nail salons for your manis and pedis. When you walk in there, you’re sure to come with great nails. Besides nail fixing, they also style, cut, and color hair. You can also visit Amazon to get amazing nail styling products that you can use at home when you don’t have the time to visit a salon. 

Barrys Beauty Bar

Barrys Beauty Bar Screenshot. Image Source: Barrys Beauty Bar Website

 In November 2011, Barrys Beauty Bar entered the beauty world, officially launching in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC. The Barrys Beauty Bar introduced glamor, style, nail designs, and luxury. 

They changed the Brooklyn beauty world, building the ultimate black-owned hair and nail salon for residents. When you walk into the salon, you’ll be greeted and welcomed by their friendly and professional staff. 

The Barrys Beauty Bar offers a wide range of luxurious nail-fixing services that allow you to express yourself in your own style and way. For inquiries, you can contact Barrys Beauty Bar via email at [email protected] and by phone at 347-405-5520. 

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Kings Nail Salon Inc.

Kings Nail Salon Image. Source: Kings Nail Salon Website

If you have been hopping around different beauty houses in Brooklyn looking for the best nail stylists, it’s time to give Kings Nail Salon, New York City a try. This black-owned nail salon offers exceptional services and quality work. 

Kings Nail Salon offers nail art, gel manicures, manicures, pedicures, and waxing. Their nail technicians are experts and licensed professionals. They use a new set of tools for each customer and disposable nail files and buffers.

What customers love about Kings Nail Salon is that they can make appointments, they never have to wait, and they’re not rushed. Plus, Kings Nail Salon uses more eco-friendly products and stays off harsh and harmful chemicals.  

Shick BK

Shick BK service page screenshot. Image Source: Shick BK Website

Located at 564 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205, Shick BK is among the top black-owned nail salons in Brooklyn. The nail techs and estheticians at Shick BK are licensed professionals who deliver quality work. 

Shick BK nail techs and estheticians receive in-house nail care and waxing training that guides them to deliver friendly, professional, and high-quality work. Additionally, this black-owned nail salon uses the finest and best beauty products in the market.

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They are constantly looking for new exceptional training and products to improve their salon offerings. Their nail polish lines include Essie and OPI. Here are other great nail products on Amazon that you might want to try out. 

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Marché Nail Studio 

Marche Nail Studio Screenshot. Image Source: Marche Nail Studio Website

This is a top-rated black-owned nail studio that’s located at 1453 BEDFORD AVE Brooklyn, NY, 11216. Tucked away inside Marché’s concept store is a complete nail service studio. 

The nail studio has an inviting and luxurious environment. Additionally, Marché hires the best imaginative and artistic nail techs who deliver exceptional and quality services. They have their nail lacquer collection as well. 

The five black-owned nail salons in Brooklyn covered here offer great nail services. These salons are pristinely clean, beautiful, and welcoming. Walking in to patronize them is also a way to support and encourage black entrepreneurs

You can add to this list other salons such as:

  • Hortus nailworks on the Lower East side
  • Nordstrom beauty haven
  • Sundays where you listen to guided meditations
  • Golden Tree Nails and spa 7.5 149 3rd Ave at 15th st
  • Laq lab which specialiizes in using Aprés Gel X without causing damage to your natural nails.
  • Jin Soon Choi for lasting gels visit Jinsoon hand & foot spa in the Upper East Side, the East Village, and the West Village.

However, you can also get nail polish from other black sellers on Amazon if you occasionally love to paint your nails by yourself at home. You’ll enjoy nail repair, removals, rhinestones and stickers.

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