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National Black Business Month: What You Need to Know


National Black Business Month is a special time when we celebrate and support businesses run by amazing people from the Black community. When people work hard to make their businesses successful, they’re planting seeds for better tomorrow. 

Buying from those businesses is like giving them lots of sunshine and rain so that they can bloom and become even more remarkable. The rest of this article will provide you with everything you need to know about National Black Business Month. 

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History of National Black Business Month

In the past, black people in the United States faced many challenges when starting and running their businesses. These challenges made it hard for them to share their innovative ideas with the world and grow their dreams. 

So, in 2004, a unique initiative was introduced. It’s called National Black Business Month, and it happens every August. This initiative aims to shine a light on the wonderful businesses black folks established and run. 

Frederick E. Jordan and John William Templeton came up with the idea to celebrate black-owned businesses in August. They wanted to show everyone these businesses’ importance and why they deserve our support and love. 

Since then, National Black Business Month has grown bigger and stronger each year. It’s like a month-long birthday party for all the creative and hardworking Black entrepreneurs out there. Many books are also available on Amazon that’ll aid you in learning more about the history of black business. 

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Why National Black Business Month Matters

You see, National Black Business Month is like a big warm hug for black-owned businesses and the brains behind their operations. But why is it so important? Below are three reasons why National Black Business Month Matters. 

1. Helping to Bridge Disparities Gap

In the past, the black community faced unfair treatment, making it hard to start and grow their businesses. National Black Business Month reminds everyone that we should treat everyone fairly and equally, regardless of color. Supporting black-owned businesses helps balance things out and ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to strive.

2. Building Strong Communities

Black-owned businesses are like colorful puzzle pieces that fit together to make our communities stronger and more vibrant. When we support these businesses, we help create jobs and opportunities for people in our neighborhoods. Supporting black-owned businesses is planting seeds of kindness that grow into beautiful flowers of success.

3. Celebrating Creativity and Talent

Black entrepreneurs are a bundle of creativity and talent! National Black Business Month is a time to celebrate their creative ideas and hard work. It’s similar to having a big party to cheer them on and say, “You’re awesome.”

4. Learning from Each Other

When we support and learn about black-owned businesses, we also learn about different cultures and traditions. It’s a time to adventure and discover new and exciting things that make our world more colorful and attractive.

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Resources and Initiatives for National Black Business Month

Many resources and initiatives are available during National Business Month that help support and promote black-owned businesses. Below are a few of them:

1. National and Local Events

During National Black Business Month, special events and gatherings are often dedicated to celebrating black-owned businesses. These events may include fairs, markets, workshops, and networking opportunities. Keep an eye out for events in your community or even online that you can participate in to show your support.

2. Buy Black Campaigns

You’ll find buy Black campaigns during National Black Business Month, where folks are intentionally encouraged to purchase from black-owned businesses. These campaigns aim to raise awareness about supporting black entrepreneurs and their economic impact.

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3. Black Chambers of Commerce

Many cities have Black Chambers of Commerce or similar organizations that focus on promoting and supporting black-owned businesses. These chambers offer resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy to help these businesses thrive.

4. Online Directories and Apps

During National Black Business Month, many websites and mobile apps like Spotcovery provide directories of Black-owned businesses, making it easier for people to discover and support them. These platforms may also have user reviews and ratings to help you find the best businesses to support.

Media Features

Many media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, and television networks, may highlight and feature Black-owned businesses during National Black Business Month. Keep an eye out for inspiring stories and spotlights on these businesses.

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How Individuals Can Get Involved?

Wondering how you can get involved in National Black Business Month? Here are a few ways you can support and uplift black-owned brands within this period and beyond:

1. Shop at Black-Owned Businesses

Whenever you need something, try to support Black-owned businesses by buying black. Whether it’s groceries, a book, clothes, or even something for your kids, shopping at these businesses is a great way to show your support.

2. Tell Your Friends and Family

Share the news of National Black Business Month with your friends and family! Tell them about the fantastic black-owned businesses you’ve discovered and encourage them to support them too. Your excitement can be contagious.

3. Spread the Word on Social Media

You can spread the love by posting about your favorite black-owned businesses on social media. Use black-owned business hashtags like #BlackBusinessMonth, #BlackBusinessMatters, or #BuyBlack to help others find and support these businesses too.

4. Leave Positive Reviews

Just like how you love receiving compliments, leaving positive reviews for businesses owned by black entrepreneurs online is a great way to encourage them. It helps them grow and reach even more people.

Remember that every small act of kindness counts. You spread joy, love, and understanding when you support black-owned businesses. National Black Business Month is that time of the year to do, but let’s carry this spirit of support and friendship throughout the year. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels valued and appreciated! 

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