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What Is Black History for October 25th? 5 Interesting Events to Know


There are many days that are significant to the formation of black history. Some are more celebrated than others due to the lasting impact they create. October 25th gives us an opportunity to remember people and situations that advanced the course of the black community. What is black history for October 25th? Let’s explore.

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October 25, 1940: First African-American Black General

General Benjamin O Davis Senior first joined the military on 13 July 1898 during the Spanish-American War. He left volunteer service and joined the regular army in 1899 and was later commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1901. 

He worked his way up to become the first African-American General in the United States Army. General Benjamin fought in: 

For his service, he was given the Distinguished Service Medal.

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October 25, 1958: 10,000 Students March

After baseball player Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball in 1947, he went on and created another piece of history. After he left MLB, he got more involved in the civil rights movement

To this effect, he, alongside Harry Belafonte and Phillip Randolph, organized a Youth March to Integrated Schools in Washington. They targeted 1000 black and white students, but 10,000 showed up. This led to the March on Washington.

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October 25, 1985: Birth Date of Ciara 

Want to know what else makes black history for October 25? Ciara Princess Wilson was born on this day. She’s one of the most popular pop singers in the world. 

Some of her biggest hits include ‘Like a Boy,’ ‘Get Up,’ ‘Level Up’, and ‘1, 2 Step.’ 

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She’s won the Grammy Awards and been nominated multiple times. Apart from singing, Ciara is known for her dance moves and modelling. She’s married to American football player Russel Wilson.

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October 25, 1990: Evander Holyfield vs James “Buster” Douglas

What is Black History for October 25? Well, if you are a staunch boxing fan, you’ll have this as one of your best upsets in the history of the game. James “Buster” Douglas’ rise to the top of the boxing world was nothing short of amazing. 

He defeated the biggest name of the time, Mike ‘Iron’ Tyson, in 10 rounds. He pocketed $24 million, one of the biggest paydays in the history of the game, but this, in many ways, led to his fall.

James Douglas was the man to beat. Evander Holyfield wanted to reclaim glory and wanted to win a heavyweight champion. In the face of James Douglas, he put up a fierce fight and brought him down in three rounds to become the heavyweight champion.

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October 25, 1976: The Scottsboro Boys  

The Scottsboro boys were falsely convicted of raping two white women on a train in Alabama. The nine boys spent over 100 years in prison for a crime they didn’t do and were on death row. 

In 1937, Haywood Patterson, Andy Wright, Charlie Weems and Clarence Norris were convicted. Eight of the boys were sentenced by white juries. Five had their charges dropped. The last of the Scottsboro boys to be pardoned was Clarence Norris. 

He was pardoned by Gov. George Wallace to bring to an end one of the most dramatic and unjust legal cases in the United States.

The next time you ask, “What is Black History for October 25th?” the events outlined above make some of the notable things you should know.

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