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11 Best Black-Owned Grooming Brands to Support

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Grooming is an important part of life. People who take the time to groom themselves, according to studies, are more successful. According to the University of Chicago and UC Irvine, men who regularly groom themselves make an average of $14,000 more yearly. Therefore, it’ll be worthwhile for you to put in the effort. If you’re looking for some brands to help you in your journey, here are some black-owned grooming brands you can try.

Aba Love Apothecary

Aba Gyepi-Arbrah founded Aba Love Apothecary, a skincare brand in the United States. She created it out of her love for plant-based medicine. Aba Love Apothecary’s products are made of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, carrot seed, eucalyptus, and balsam fir. Their products promise to help smoothen your skin.

Beneath Your Mask

Products from Beneath Your Mask. Image Source: Instagram  licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Dana Jackson was happily employed as a celebrity manager in Atlanta when she was diagnosed with a skin condition, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. This caused inflammation and put her career on hold, as she couldn’t do anything. After multiple trips to various specialists, she started Beneath Your Mask, a name that reflects her transformation. 

The first product, Whipped Skin Souffle, was launched in 2012. Dana says it’s meant to tap into the concept of self-acceptance. Other products they’ve produced include detoxifying body scrub, skin & hair serum, and conditioning lip balm.


Shaving is one of the things that causes men some difficulty. It results in bumpy skin and irritation that damages the skin. Bevel provides African American men with tools that minimize these, and its razors have become wildly popular. 

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Crystal Waters started Boyface to provide men with skin care products to make them look and feel good. Some ingredients used in their products include plant extracts and natural oils. You can buy brightening serum, moisturizer, and cleansing beard mousse. 

Burke Avenue

Craig and his family moved to the United States from Jamaica. They settled in Burke Avenue. Craig established his career in finance but found it unfulfilling. He left it to pursue his passion for barbering, something he’d started doing when he was 14. Now, he’s built a solid portfolio. Among his clients are celebrities like Michael Jordan. Additionally, Craig sells shaving products.

Fenty Beauty

After success with her makeup line, Rihanna entered the skincare industry with Fenty Skin. The pop singer promises that her products will help keep your skin healthy whether you wear makeup or not. 

Some of the most requested products on the Fenty Skin website include the blemish defeat’r bha spot, whipped oil body cream, plush puddin’, and cherry treat conditioning and strengthening lip oil.

Nubian Nature

South African entrepreneur Shereen Makhenye is the founder of Nubian Nature. She started the haircare line to provide Africans with products that use gentle ingredients on their hair. Nubian Nature products don’t have sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, or alcohol. Instead, they are made with natural ingredients sourced from across Africa.

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Nilotiqa is a South African-based haircare brand founded by Thokozile. She searched for products that maintain her natural hair instead of altering it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find products to moisturize and nourish her hair hence the creation of her brand Nilotiqa. 

Her moisturizing shampoo, cleansing shampoo, and replenishing conditioner leave the hair of African women in its healthiest and most natural state.    

Curl Dynasty

The Haitian-born American owner of the Curls Dynasty, Nickie Nougaisse, started her brand in 2014 after not getting products that helped nurture her hair. She began experimenting with ingredients in her home and winded up with a concoction that positively impacted her natural hair. Now, she sells hair products to everyone interested in growing their hair.  

Ceylon Skincare

Ceylon Skincare, based in America, is another black-owned grooming brand you should try. It’s dedicated to black men to help them deal with skin problems that constantly affect them. 

These include hyperpigmentation. Ceylon Skincare promises that its array of products will improve your skin, reduce inflammation and strengthen the clarity of your skin. 

Nature Boy

Los Angeles-based Jacob Quentant’s experience of struggling to nurture his beard led him to find something that worked for him. He tried everything from washing it with water to not finding appropriate products to care for it. 

One day he saw his girlfriend use coconut oil on her hair, which led him to make oils for his beard. Jacob studied everything about oils and eventually came up with his products. Nature Boy sells live-in conditioner for beards, beard brush, beard balm, raw black soap, and cleanse and condition set.    

If you’re intentional about supporting black-owned businesses and want to look good, these are some of the b brands you should support. 

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