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Top 6 Black Makeup Stores in Detroit

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Detroit has become a thriving hub for black-owned businesses, and its makeup stores are a testament to boundless creativity and inclusivity within this dynamic community. Today, we’ll shine a spotlight on the top six black makeup stores that are transforming the city’s cosmetic landscape.

These visionary entrepreneurs have created havens of inclusivity, offering high-quality products and unparalleled experiences for makeup enthusiasts of all backgrounds. 

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1. Lip Bar

Established by Melissa Butler, an African American entrepreneur, Lip Bar is among Detroit’s top-rated cosmetics and beauty brands. The black-owned luxury cosmetic bar produces and sells lipsticks.

Lip Bar lipsticks give a unique blend of natural ingredients added to soften, moisturize, and amplify lips while setting users apart with intoxicatingly bold colors. Besides lipstick, the brand has several other products, including powder, primer, concealer, and tinted moisturizer. 

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2. Shea Body Beauty

Shea Body Beauty Screenshot. Image Source: Shea Body Beauty Homepage

 Micah Tedla owns Shea Body Beauty, a business in Detroit that specializes in body and skin care products handcrafted within the city. The brand aims to make simple and powerful products using natural ingredients. 

Shea Body Beauty started as a lifestyle change but has grown into a budding black-owned business. The brand has a lot of wonderful products to keep your body and skin healthy. 

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3. Detroit Beauty Supply

Detroit Beauty Supply Screenshot. Image Source: Detroit Beauty Supply Homepage

Black-owned and operated, Detroit Beauty Supply is a brand established to serve the community. They are experts in the beauty care industry. The best is that they understand the need to represent the unique diversity of black men and women in beauty care. 

Detroit Beauty Supply strives to offer a collection of beauty products that meet the needs of everyday consumers. You’ll find over 50 lashes and makeup products in Detroit Beauty Supply collections. 

4. The Ten Nail Bar

Founded by Kelli & Anika, the Ten Nail Bar is among Detroit’s top black makeup stores. It was established to provide the people of Detroit with stellar workmanship and customer experience. 

The Ten Nail Bar offers many services, including lash extension, manis & pedis, and waxing. Their ‘Flagship’ is in Detroit’s New Center. They also have a wide range of beauty products in their store

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5. Boyd Beauty

Founded by Charles, a renowned Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Boyd Beauty is a modern center for facial plastic surgery and non-surgical medical spa procedures. The business prides itself on delivering customer happiness. 

Whether you want to develop more optimism, improve natural beauty, restore dignity, or restore the youth you still feel, Boyd Beauty can help. 

6. Ilera Apothecary

A Detroit-based and black woman-owned, Ilera Apothecary is a beauty brand that’s on a mission to create the most beautiful and healthiest skin of our time. Ilera Apothecary is a plant-based beauty and skincare brand focusing on community, ethics, and equality. 

They handcraft their products using the finest natural ingredients sourced globally. You can visit them in person at 72 Erskine Street, Detroit, MI 48201, or online for the best selection of plant-based skincare.  

The six top beauty and black makeup stores in Detroit covered in this post have transformed Detroit’s beauty and skincare industry. Their diverse product offerings and stellar customer service set a shining example for the industry.

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