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Get to Know 9 Amazing Baseball Positions to Help You Understand the Game

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Have you watched baseball and can’t understand what’s happening? What does it mean when a player is running or throwing a ball? How do you score in baseball interpret the scores? Understanding baseball positions is important in answering these questions. 

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There are nine positions in baseball:

  • Pitcher
  • Catcher
  • First baseman
  • Second baseman
  • Shortstop
  • Third baseman
  • Left Fielder
  • Center Fielder
  • Right Fielder

In this post, we’ll explain each position to understand the game. 

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9 Baseball Positions Explained

An explainer of Baseball positions. Video Credit: TheOnDeckCircle

Baseball looks intimidating to the eye if you don’t know what’s going on. This section will help you to know the roles of all the players on the pitch and hopefully, you’ll start enjoying the game.


A pitcher is one of the most significant baseball positions on the field. They are at the center, on the pitching mound, and spend more time with the ball in hand than with any other player. Pitchers start every play by tactfully throwing the ball to the opposing batter in a way they can’t get contact. 

Players in this position must have a strong arm, and be agile and technically and tactically adept to deliver strong balls to the opposing team.

A relief pitcher takes over when a starting pitcher is removed due to injury or a poor game. They play the same role as a starting pitcher.

There are different techniques used in throwing the ball. A pitcher can throw a curveball, slurve, slider, 4-seam or 2-seam fastball. This is one of the highest-paying positions in baseball.

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Spotcovery-Get to Know 9 Amazing Baseball Positions to Help You Understand the Game
A catcher crouching on the home plate. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-4.0

The catcher is positioned behind the pitcher outside the home plate to get a good view of the play. They are usually in a crouched position as they wait for the balls. 

They contribute to a team’s defence by suggesting to the pitcher where they can place the ball and make it difficult for the batter to hit it. A catcher should also prevent the opposition from stealing a base.

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First Baseman

The first baseman is located on the back of the infield. They are responsible for catching the balls that drop within this zone and catching balls from other infielders. They play a defensive role and must be agile to allow them to get to the balls as quickly as possible and throw them.

Second Baseman

The second baseman is the other infielder baseball position. This player is between the first and second base and is responsible for the balls that fall in this area. A second baseman needs to be agile and have good ball catching skills but don’t have to be the quickest. 

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Shortstop (SS)

How to play shortstop in baseball. Video Credit: Northern Baseball Training

The shortstop is between the second and third base and catches the balls that fall in this area. These players cover a lot of ground so have to be fast, agile and have to be able to transition from throwing to fielding balls. Their throwing skills are also very important and have to be strong.

Third Baseman

A player taking this baseball position stands along the third baseline and is responsible for balls falling in this section. Some of them are forced out, and they also prevent runners from stealing base. A good baseman must have strong, quick arms and be agile as they cover a lot of ground.

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Left Fielder (LF)

Left Fielder is one of the outfield baseball positions you should know. Their work is to track the ground balls that fall on this part of the field. Physically, they can be slower and don’t have to be the strongest throwers, but should be sufficient to back the bases and support the team.

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Center Fielder (CF)

Best catches in baseball. Video Credit: Highlight Reel

The center fielder is one of the hardest baseball positions because they cover the most ground and throw the ball to the furthest distance. They have multiple responsibilities. They catch flying balls, have to determine when to use the shortstop or baseman and should be able to follow the hits taken and act accordingly. 

Right Fielder (RF)

Positioned outside the diamond, the right fielder catches flying balls, throws the ball to the third base, supports the first base and prevents triples from happening. This position demands agility, quick thinking and strong throwing skills. 

Other positions include the pinch hitter and the designated hitter. A pinch hitter is a substitute for a batter while a designated hitter doesn’t have a set position on the team but comes in place of a pitcher within the batting order. 

Each baseball position is important in a team setup; only the best player has to occupy the role. The game happens so fast and if you don’t know the positions of each player, you’ll be confused. That said, we hope you now understand the game’s structure better and can tell what’s happening.  

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