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6 Important Lessons You Can Learn From Black Slavery

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What lessons have you learned from Black slavery in school or at home? Would you say you’re well-informed about slavery in the United States and around the world? If not, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll educate you on the six key lessons from the slave trade in the US and beyond. 

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Use the Present to Connect to the Past

The legacies of the Atlantic slave trade are everywhere around us. They’re in the music we play, the buildings in our cities and towns, the food we eat, and the people around us. Using the known to show the importance of this history to people’s own lives helps to hook them in and spark their curiosity. 

Ongoing Struggle for Justice

The Ongoing Struggle for Racial Justice in America. Video Credit: @AJCGlobal

The emancipation proclamation didn’t put an end to the struggle for justice and equality. African Americans and other relevant organizations continue to champion the fight against racial segregation, oppression, and injustice. To win the battle, activism and solidarity from African descendants and people from other backgrounds are needed. 

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Understand Global Historical Events

Slavery wasn’t a one-region or country affair. Instead, it was a part of a wider global system of colonialism and exploitation. 

Black slavery helps us understand the connection between historical events and their global societal effects. For example, during the transatlantic slave trade, many people were forcefully migrated from African countries, such as Angola and other West Africa countries to America, where enslaved people were forced to labor in plantations, tobacco and cotton farms. 

Besides the transatlantic slave trade, British colonies and other forms of slavery existed in other parts of the world. The lessons from slavery help black Americans understand modern issues of power, civil rights, and racial discrimination

The Strength of Black People

A slave Trader mishandling an enslaved man. Image Source: WikiMediaCommons. Licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Despite the immense suffering and hard labor they were subjected to, black people never gave up their pursuit of happiness. Leaders like President Abraham Lincoln, Nat Turner and many black soldiers in the Union Army fought for the abolition of slavery and a new world for people of the Caribbean, enslaved Africans, and all blacks worldwide. 

Their fight for liberty, reparations, and slave revolt shows that the human spirit can endure and overcome difficult times. 

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Human Rights and Dignity

The most common lesson from black slavery is the recognition of every person’s worth and dignity. During the period that slaves were brought from Africa using slave ships to Point Comfort, where they were exchanged for supplies, the rights of blacks were violated. Hence, we can say that one of the core lessons from black slavery is the need for equality and respect for everyone, regardless of background, race, or ethnicity.

Importance of Education and Being Informed

An understanding of the history of the slave trade, from its origin and its effect on blacks to the Missouri Compromise, is important for building empathy, championing social justice, and preventing similar atrocities in future. 

Generally, awareness and education are the main tools for fighting injustice and ignorance. They are the tools needed to free black people from discrimination, especially in a slave state where slavery existed even before the Civil War. 

The lessons from black slavery show the importance of learning about the past, accepting its positive and negative effects, and working towards a more just and equitable future. Generally, we can’t underplay the legacy of slavery in the US, European territories, and the world at large. However, the lessons from it will help us reconstruct a better nation free from racism. 

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