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7 Best Nigerian Players Abroad Changing the Football Narrative


Nigeria is one of the best African countries in football due to the number of players in foreign leagues. Some of the players are the best in their leagues and are a crucial part of the teams they play for. Whether young or established players, they’re a source of pride for the country and continent. In this article, we’ll list the Nigerian players abroad you should know.

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Alex Iwobi

spotcovery-7 Best Nigerian Players Abroad Changing the Football Narrative
Former Arsenal player Alex Iwobi. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-4.0

Iwobi has always been in the spotlight for being Jay Jay Okocha’s nephew. As a result, a lot was expected from him when he started his professional career at Arsenal. However, he didn’t fulfil the expectations and moved to Everton after four years at the Emirates. 

Currently, Iwobi plays for Fulham. Some accolades he’s won include the FA Cup, FA Community Shield and the CAF Youth Player of the Year.

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Gift Orban

Highlights of Gift Orban. Video Credit: Pro League

Gift Orban is one of the Nigerian players abroad, arousing interest in Europe. He came through the Norwegian academy Stabæk become the league’s top scorer, and also won the Young Player of the Year. 

After a year in Norway, Orban joined Belgium club Gent and hit the ground running. So far, he’s scored 18 goals in 33 games.

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Samuel Chukwueze

spotcovery-7 Best Nigerian Players Abroad Changing the Football Narrative
Samuel Chukwueze (left) playing in La Liga. Source: Wikimedia licensed by  CC-BY-SA-3.0

Chukwueze came to prominence during his time at Villareal. He joined the team in 2018, having come through the team’s academy. In five years, he made 155 appearances, scoring 21 goals. During his time, he won the UEFA Europa League and was the top assist provider in the 2020/21 season. In 2023, Chukwueze moved to AC Milan.

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Taiwo Awoniyi

The rise of Taiwo Awoniyi. Video Credit: DW Kick off!

Taiwo Awoniyi is one of the Nigerian players abroad to add to your list. He’s ignited excitement among fans and clubs, especially when he played for German club Union Berlin. 

His journey in the game started at Imperial Soccer Academy, after which he made it to the Liverpool academy. He’s played for several German clubs on loan and was eventually signed by Union Berlin. After a season, he joined Nottingham Forest.

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Terem Moffi

Terem Moffi’s highlights. Video Credit: Vendetta Football

For a player under the age of 25, Moffi has traveled a lot for football. He’s an alumnus of Buckswood Football Academy in England and then moved to a Lithuanian club, Kauno Žalgiris

He played there for two years before he joined Riteriai in the same league. Moffi then went to Belgium before going to France to play for Lorient. Currently, he plays in Nice. The striker’s best season came in Lorient when he scored 34 goals.

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Victor Boniface

Highlights of Victor Boniface’s career. Video Credit: World Football Scout

Victor Boniface was ruled out of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) due to injury. He’s been high-flying in the Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen. So far, he’s made 16 appearances and scored ten goals. 

Previously, the Nigerian played at Union SG and Bodø/Glimt. In 2022/23, the striker was the UEFA Europa League’s top scorer and made it into the competition’s team of the season. 

Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen’s playing highlight. Video Credit: 360edition

Victor Osimhen is one of the finest Nigerian players abroad who’s doing well in their club. He played for Italian side Napoli and was Serie A’s top scorer in the 2022/23 season with 26 goals. 

He’s been with the club since 2020 and signed a contract extension to keep him at the club until 2026. Since joining the club, he’s scored over 50 goals and continues to be the team’s crucial scorer.

These are the Nigerian players abroad you should be excited to watch. They’re young and doing well. Some, like Osimhen and Boniface, have already made their international debut. Which of these players are you excited to watch?

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