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Antique and Vintage Reselling Business: 6 Simple Steps to Start Yours


If you know how to source quality antique and vintage from your local thrift store at a cheap rate, starting an antique and vintage reselling business might be right for you. Having an eye for sourcing antiques and vintage is a profitable skill that you can use to start your own black-owned business. 

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Read this guide to launch an antique and vintage reselling business. 

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Antique Vs. Vintage 

Clothing is considered to be antique if it’s over 100 years old. Antique materials are rare to find and are usually found in personal collections or museums.

On the other hand, vintage clothing is described as anything produced between 20 and 100 years ago. You can check Amazon for inspiration from other antique and vintage thrift stores. 

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How to Launch an Antique and Vintage Reselling Business

Here are the six steps that you need to follow to launch your black-owned antique and vintage reselling business: 

Pick a Niche

Almost all successful businesses start with a profitable business idea. When starting, it’s tempting to want to jump in and start selling what you like, but don’t do it. Take time to pick a niche within the antique and vintage clothing landscape. 

Doing so will help your business stand out from the generalists. You can decide to focus on a specific occasion or purpose, like evening wear. If you’re unsure how to choose a niche, get one or two books from Amazon to learn. 

Fund Your Reselling Business

With the recent technological advancements, you can launch your black-owned antique and vintage reselling business from home with little upfront investment. However, you need to figure out how much initial startup costs you’ll need and where you’ll get the funds.

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Source Antique and Vintage Clothes to Resell

Once you’ve your startup funds ready, the next step is to source the antique and vintage clothes to resell. Local thrift stores will be the best option for you since you’re just starting. Below are the best practices to follow when you’re sourcing from your local thrift stores:

  • Have a clear plan: Before heading to a thrift store, outline what you’re looking to source. 
  • Thoroughly inspect items before buying: Items from local thrift stores often don’t have the same qualities as curated antique vintage clothing stores. Sometimes, you may find clothes with stains in local thrift stores. So, it’s important to thoroughly examine each item before buying.  
  • Go sourcing on the right day: Most thrift stores display new items on the floor on a particular day. Ask the store owner or staff for the information and plan your sourcing around these days. 

Snap Antique and Vintage Clothings

When running a black-owned antique and vintage resell business, item photography is a continuous task. Antique and vintage reselling stores have a steady inventory intake, each needing individual photos

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Create an Online Store

You’ll need an online store where customers can browse your available clothes and place orders. The good news is that creating online stores these days is pretty simple and cost-effective. With the help of platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Wix, you can easily create an online store for your black-owned Antique and vintage reselling business. 

Develop a Pricing Strategy and Market Your Business

When launching an antique and vintage clothing store, you need to carefully develop a pricing strategy that ensures that you make profits and stay competitive in the market. Ensure to factor in the product costs and other overhead expenses like your transportation fees to the thrift store. 

You can use organic and paid marketing strategies to promote your business and attract new customers. On Amazon, you’ll find several marketing guides that’ll teach you how to market your new business. 

Now that you know how to launch a black-owned antique and vintage reselling business, it’s time to take the first step if you think it’s the right business idea for you. Besides this, there are other easy-to-start business ideas, including candle-making, handyman, and mobile car wash businesses

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